PTSO elects officers and board members for 2020-21 school year

At its Annual Meeting on May 26, the Newton North PTSO approved the nominated slate and elected its Board members for the 2020-2021 school year. Next year's PTSO co-presidents will be Patty McCabe (continuing from this year) and John Oliver. Karen Cutone, who had served as a co-director of programming this year, will serve next year as Vice President. The list of Board members appears below. The remaining unfilled board and committee positions can be found at this link.

PTSO seeks to fill open leadership positions for 2020-21

You are invited to join the PTSO leadership team for 2020-2021. All are welcome and encouraged, whether an experienced volunteer or a newcomer. Interested?  Please contact Co-Presidents Valerie Pontiff and Patty McCabe by sending an e-mail to

Open Volunteer Leadership Opportunities for 2020-2021:

At-Large Board Members (one-year terms, renewable):

PTSO thanks the outgoing Board and committee leaders for their service

The PTSO Board of Directors of 2019-20 thanks the Newton North community for providing its time, talent and treasure throughout the year. Over the past 12 months, the PTSO saw over 400 unique volunteers come forward to contribute to the success of our wonderful events, such as Northside Dining, Multicultural Night, and Just Think Expo. Board members and committee chairs brought private-sector expertise to the school community, with special recognition to the large Directory Team, which oversaw transitioning to a new directory platform.  

Senior class president thanks PTSO for honoring graduates

A weeklong tribute to the Class of 2020 went up along Commonwealth Ave., on May 22, 2020, in the form of lawn signs personalized with the names of each of the more than 500 graduating seniors. PTSO members, whose funding, time and effort made the display possible, received the following note of appreciation from Anabel Marré, the senior class president: “I just wanted to reach out and say thank you so much to all of you for making the dream of senior lawn signs a reality for the class. I had the chance to walk down Comm Ave.

Support GELF scholarships for international travel

Please consider supporting students’ international travel by donating to, or volunteering for, the benefit of the Jennifer Price Global Education Leadership Fund (GELF). GELF is a financial aid fund that enables Newton North and Newton South students who could not otherwise afford to travel to take part in international travel experiences through the schools. There are several ways to get involved:

9th graders will view "End of the Line" by Improbable Players on February 4

The Improbable Players will perform "End of the Line," a show about the continuum of addiction, including vaping, for the entire freshmen class on Tuesday, February 4, during C2. One of the most powerful aspects of the show is the Q&A at the end. Every performer is in recovery; each one speaks about his/her narrative and answers questions honestly and directly. As always, the students will be reminded that their counselors and other counselors will be available. 

Adults and teens gather at Just Think Expo to learn about community resources

The NNHS PTSO’s 10th annual Just Think: Teens Making Smart Choices Expo on January 7, 2020, featured local non-profits and, in the evening, teen-friendly attractions that drew middle schoolers, high schoolers, and parents/guardians. Thank you to all the exhibitors (see list here), volunteers, and speakers who worked together to help create this year’s expo!

Download the New Directory App: Membership Toolkit

The former app for accessing the North directory, MySchoolAnywhere, is history. Send it to the digital trash can. The PTSO has made the transition to a new directory platform and mobile app, Membership Toolkit. Download it from your favorite app store. Log in using the email address and password that you set up on the Membership Toolkit website, when you validated your student and family contact information. The online directory can also be found by logging in to Membership Toolkit.


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