PTSO board meeting minutes: January 17, 2017

Minutes of Board Meeting

January 17, 2017


Sally Brickell, Co-President

Rex Clark, Co-President

Elizabeth Reilly, Vice President

April Stein, Co-Treasurer

Cathy Lee, Co-Treasurer

Cindy Calloway, Grant & Projects Co-Chair

Joel Bloom, Grants & Projects Co-Chair, Secretary Pro Tempore

Henry Turner, Principal

  1. Just Think Expo. Discussion of January 23 event and request for volunteers.
  2. Making the Most of Your High School Years. Discussion of Febuary 13 event. No action taken.
  3. School Council. Informed by Sally that NSHS School Council was in favor of later school day start time, and that NNHS School Council has not set forth a preference at this point.
  4.  Educational Excellence. Agreement to defer the discussion of making a PTSO donation to a later date. Also, discussion of desirability of identifying new co-chairs or at least a volunteer to manage fundraising for EdEx.
  5. Ty Vignone. Approval of donation of $100 for student travel as part of Vignone memorial. Rex will insert a PayPal button on website for donations at request of Anna Ford.
  6. Tiger Athletics Booster Club. Discussion of need for a president and secretary (already have treasurer) and the desirability to set it up as a tax-exempt entity.
  7. Dover Legacy Scholars.  Line item is being removed from budget for 2017 ($3500), because no additional funds are required for this year.
  8. PTSO will include $1550 in annual budget for Mountain Classroom, basketball game, and yearbook to support specific special education programs that occur annually.
  9. Grants and Projects. Henry Turner will speak with Alison Malkin to see if the mental-health-related grant requests can be funded from the mental health Ed Ex money. Cindy and Joel will follow up on the few requests that require further clarification. The PTSO allocated $10,000 extra to Grants and Projects for this year. Grants and Projects budget will be increased to $12,000 for next year.