Teachers express gratitude for Grants and Projects funding

The NNHS PTSO is pleased to announce that its Grants and Projects committee was able to approve almost $19,000 to fund requests by teachers and administrators to purchase materials and subsidize programs that are not covered under the regular school and city operating budgets. Thank you to co-chairs Joel Bloom and Cindy Callaway for their leadership of this effort! The Grants and Projects that have been awarded for this school year include the following:

  • Lab equipment for a variety of science classes
  • Paint supplies for Artful Piano as part of Newton Festival of the Arts
  • Professional development for Newton North librarians
  • Field trip to Harvard Medical School for anatomy classes
  • TI-84 graphing calculators to meet needs in the Math Department
  • Reading space to foster reading in an Academic Support classroom
  • Artistic design materials for the Library
  • CAD design software licenses for the Engineering program
  • Flipping the classroom material for a French class
  • Social media maintenance for the Center for Civic Engagement, which helps students develop leadership and community engagement skills
  • NNHS “Thoughtprints” literary magazine

Notes of appreciation are coming in from teachers and staff!

PTSO grants made it possible for the Science Department to expand programs that increase our sustainable use of materials.  This year, we purchased equipment that helps us safely and easily reuse reagents for multiple classes and clean equipment that we can use multiple times, rather than throw away after one use.  Support from the PTSO has been invaluable in helping teachers minimize prep time and resource use, meaning all students have a rich lab experience.

Thank you to the PTSO for supplying an additional $132 for teachers to purchase reagent for the PCR lab and gene investigation. Anndy Dannenberg and the Biology team will be thrilled! 

Heather Haines

Science & Technology/Engineering Department Chair

One of the best things about the equipment (mini-PCRs) that I was able to obtain from the grant allowed students to learn and access biotechnology in the classroom. Many of the students have never used this equipment, and now they have the opportunities to do so. As part of the process, many of them will be competing and submitting for the NASA genes in space program, looking for internships in biotech labs, as well as able to understand the basics of DNA replication through the application of understanding PCR reactions. The equipment also will provide professional development for the biology teachers within the building and we hope to use them to develop more hands-on lessons and learning experiences for our students.

Shu-Yee Chen

AP Bio Teacher

With the $1000 that the PTSO gave to me, my students will be able to go on a once in a lifetime MedScience trip at Harvard Medical School, where they will be treating and diagnosing a simulated patient. They will learn how to take vital signs and work in groups to figure out what is happening with their "patient," just as the medical school students do. This will be an unbelievable opportunity for 40 anatomy students this year. We couldn't be more grateful!

Jodie Cohen

Anatomy & Physiology Teacher

The generous help of the PTSO has made it possible for the ceramics department to invite students and staff at Newton North to make bowls/cups that will be presented to veterans on Memorial Day as a small token of the gratitude that we have for their services. This day will bring us together to stop and thank a very important group in our community.

Eileen Gagarin

Art Department

This salamander study provides NNHS biology students with an opportunity to participate in true scientific research and explore important ecological concepts.  It also encourages students to become more familiar with the forests of Newton and have a greater appreciation for the benefits they provide. Last spring, our students were very engaged and excited to participate in research close to their school.

Tom Gwin

Science Department

Thank you so very much for your continued support of the Center for Civic Engagement and Service (CCES) this year and next! We very much appreciate our partnership with the PTSO as we bring civic engagement to students at North.

Claudia Wu, Terry Yoffie and all the volunteers at CCES