Message from Amy Winston about course registration

February 29, 2017

NNHS families,

Course selection season is upon us! This week we launched Course Registration for the 17-18 School Year. 

Your child received directions and a worksheet in homeroom and classroom teachers have begun to discuss course recommendations with students. Below I will outline the calendar ahead. Note that all registration related directions and calendars, along with the course catalog, are available on the NNHS Course Registration Webpage here: We encourage you to work with your child through each step of the registration process and we hope that this webpage will assist you in doing so.

  • This week teachers will be discussing course recommendations with students. Teachers have until March 8th to enter course recommendations for their current students. Ask your child about these conversations. 
  • Course registration, via Skyward, will be open to students and families from the evening of March 9th through 8am on March 17th. Directions are attached and are on the NNHS website.
    • During this time period, students may decide to make choices about curriculum levels in order to ensure a well-balanced schedule. Students cannot make level changes themselves. Students will need to see their school counselor to make level changes to improve balance.
  • After March 17th, counselors will be reviewing schedules and checking for completeness and balance. Counselors will reach out to students with questions. 
  • If you have any questions about your child's course selections, please contact your child's classroom teacher or their school counselor at any point in this process.

Please keep in mind that the choices students make at this stage impact the number of staff we hire each year and how we structure the school’s schedule. It is important that the course choices be considered very carefully because it will not be possible to make changes after March 29. (Exceptions are made for level changes recommended by teachers after March 29.)

Important policy change recently approved by the NNHS Academic Standards Committee:

  • Course Withdrawal Policy: A student who withdraws from a course, beginning on the first day of school, will receive a final grade of “W” for that course. The “W” will appear on the student’s report card and transcript.

Thanks so much,

Amy Winston

Vice Principal

P.S. Please make sure that you are able to login to the Skyward Parent Access portal. If you have questions, contact your child's house office or the NNHS main office. 

Overview of Registration Process.pdf 

NNHS High School Registration Spring 2017.pdf

Parent Registration HR Instructions.pdf