PTSO board meeting minutes: February 28, 2017


Minutes of Board Meeting

February 28, 2017


Sally Brickell, Co-President

Rex Clark, Co-President

Vani Sayeed, Program Co-Chair

April Stein, Co-Treasurer

Patty McCabe, Celebration Co-Chair

Joel Bloom, Grants & Projects Co-Chair, Secretary Pro Tempore

Henry Turner, Principal

  1. Programming
    1. Comments that Just Think Expo was once again a successful event.
    2. Mention that Making Most of HS Years was taking place this week.   
    3. Discussion of potential future programming events such as “what it is like to be part of a minority group”, “tolerance, acceptance, integration or minority groups”, “parenting related issues”.  Also discussed formats such as “TedTalks” style, panel format, or expert lecturer.  
  2. Celebration
    1. Discussion of theme, “Hollywood Nights”, the need for a co-chair, the need to raise money for Celebration, and the trade-offs between storing supplies on site vs. the off-site storage facility.
  3. Grants and Projects
    1. The total grants approved was approximately $18,000, although most likely not all teachers will follow through with submission. Three teachers requested a few extra days to submit invoices. 
    2. Discussion of starting process earlier in 2017, perhaps submissions in mid-October and notices of approval at end of November.
    3. Request teacher appreciation feedback to post on website.
  4. Center for Civic Engagement
    1. Agreed to add a line item to the PTSO budget to provide approximately $600 per year for food and drinks for students who visit the Center.
  5. Ty Vignone Bequest
    1. Testamentary gift of $12,000 per year for a 9-year period to NNHS to provide international travel/study experiences for two teachers each year.
    2. Discussion of where the funds will be held, NNHS or Newton School Foundation. Also need to determine if the funds are contained in a Trust that will hold the funds until distribution to fund trips.
    3. Mention was made that Albert Cho will be the coordinator of this activity.
  6. Mass 9 for the Ninth
    1. Discussion of shifting it to its own tax exempt entity rather than keeping it under the PTSO.
  7. Family Involvement
    1. Sally recruited a volunteer to work with parents outside the immediate Newton community (ELL, METCO) to become more included in and involved with NNHS.
    2. Invite these parents to participate in school volunteer events such as Operation Bold Paint to inculcate them into the community.
  8. Tiger Booster Club
    1. The club is considering creating its own 501(c)3 and is in process of obtaining an EIN. 
    2. However, it still needs a president, a structure and more parent involvement in order to become a viable entity.