Fourth annual Kindness Day held on April 28

The Partners in Kind Club, mentored by faculty advisors Allegra Atkinson and Tracey Stewart, ran its fourth annual Kindness Day on April 28. According to Ms. Atkinson and Ms. Stewart, "Kindness Day is about celebrating the goodness and humanness in all of us." For the fourth year, the PTSO supported this event by paying for doughnuts and distributing 600 doughnuts before school. 

Teachers had the option of bringing classes to a series of optional assemblies. Here are the offerings.


Pamela Schuller is an internationally known inclusion advocate. Her extraordinary personal story of growing up with the most severe known case of Tourette Syndrome in the country, and turning that challenge into professional and personal success, is engaging, funny, a little bit heartwrenching, and deeply meaningful.  Pamela holds a BA in Psychology and Youth Outreach Through the Arts from Knox College, and an MA in Child Advocacy and Policy from Montclair State University, where she focused her studies on creating improvisational theater programs as a tool for youth with disabilities to improve self-advocacy skills.  Pamela does inclusion differently. Through storytelling, comedy, laughter, and improv, our community will leave with concrete goals and a new mindset to become more inclusive. To do better. To laugh more. To celebrate differences. Check out her YouTube video here: The Two Little Words That Can Change a Life:

B BLOCK: IMPROV WORKSHOP with Pamela Schuller
Pamela is also a stand-up comedian, probably because she sees the world from a different point of view: one where eye-level is four-foot-seven and barking without provocation is a completely normal and entertaining part of her day. “For me, comedy became this incredible outlet and I started loving my differences.” The goal of the Improv workshop is to help teens celebrate resilience, love their differences, and become more inclusive! Students will develop some jokes in small groups and at the end of the workshop, students who would like to share their comedic talents with the audience will be invited on stage! See an example here:
C-BLOCK: ARTLIFTING with artist Scott Benner
ArtLifting's co-founder, Liz Powers, has worked with homeless and disabled individuals in Boston since she was eighteen. After creating and running art groups in local women’s shelters, Liz was amazed by the talent around her, but noticed that much of the art would end up in the trash can or lost in the shelters’ closets. ArtLifting is a benefit corporation that provides homeless and disabled artists the opportunity to earn recurring income from each piece. Artists earn 55% of the profit from each sale.  Scott Benner will share his personal journey into homelessness and finding his artistic passion again through ArtLifting.
E BLOCK: STUDENT/FACULTY PANEL on the Power of Empathy and Compassion (TAKE FIRST LUNCH)
Students and Faculty from Newton North will answer the following questions and more! What is empathy and why is it important? Are humans naturally empathetic or is it something we learn? What are some examples of people showing you or someone you know empathy? Which jobs or professions do you think require a lot of empathy?
G BLOCK: GRACE & GRATITUDE with Sarah Livesey 
Sarah believes that "We all get to choose our perspective, no matter what the situation!" Two years ago, Sarah was diagnosed with a grade 3 brain tumor. Shortly after this diagnosis, she had the idea to create a piece of art to represent all the love and support in her life, something from which to draw inspiration and strength from during challenging times to come.  Artist, Ari Hauben, of the Boston Button Factory, helped Sarah realize her vision. Ari was so moved by Sarah's positivity, perspective and approach to her circumstances that he knew this story should be shared and that art would make an excellent vehicle to do so. A film was made about Sarah's experience titled GRACE & GRATITUDE: A short film about the power and perspective of art. View the film and hear from Ari and Sarah herself during this presentation.
Since graduating from Berklee College of Music in 2011, Shea Rose has been celebrated for her contributions to music, fashion, and philanthropy. She has won multiple awards, was hand-picked by Queen Latifah for a CoverGirl music campaign, and gave a TEDx Talk in 2014 on her journey to re-discover her voice after turning down a major label deal. This is a topic close to her heart, expressed in her 2014 TEDxTalk entitled, “Somebody Stole My Voice Again,” which you can watch here: