9th grade treats teachers and staff to TGIF breakfast

9th grade class liaisons Kathleen Kusiak, Jane Stackpole, and Vicki Spetter bravely oversaw their first TGIF breakfast on April 28, delighting teachers and staff. Grateful breakfast eater Mark Wadness of the Links Program wrote the following: 

Please pass on to the TGIF Committee how much breakfast was appreciated this morning! I know I felt bad, as did a few other staff members, who ate and ran back to our rooms without even saying thank you! We are very grateful for the spread and the time and effort that volunteers put in to showing their appreciation to the staff. Again, please relay our many thanks. 

Thank you to Kathleen, Jane, and Vicki and to all of the parent/guardians who helped, including 

Jen Abbott, Alicia Bowman, Sandra Bu, Nancy Caulfield, Sandy Connors, Margaret Crook, Sharon Donnelly, Mary Kathryn Fallon, June Ferestien, Gail Fitzgerald, Deborah Gilpin, Selene Gisholt, Jennifer Glenn, Trudy Good, Jen Hyde, Ellen Jawitz, Joanne Kazarian, Rhanna Kidwell, Jeong Ja Kim, Melissa Lerou, Julie Lindstrom, Karen Manning, Kristen Marshall, Linda McLaughlin, Pam McVey-Richard, Selina Pandolfi, Jasna Pecnik. Julie Redmond, Elizabeth Reilly, Lisa Robinson, Deb Rooney, Joanne Simpson, Marcia Tabenken, Laura Woodward, Julie Youdovin, and Cory Zhou.