Newton Theatre Company performs "The Would-Be Hipster" May 5-7

Disco and Moliere! An hilarious 17th century French comedy updated to 1970s New York. Moliere’s "The Bourgeois Gentleman" or "The Would-Be Hipster" is about a commoner who has inherited some money, and wishes to use it to become what he is not--a gentleman, or in this version, one ‘wild and crazy guy’. M. Jourdain is baffled by his tutors, and hilarity ensues as he tries to learn how to be cool. The show is replete with disco dance and musical interludes, and the requisite star-crossed lovers who must trick M. Jourdain into allowing them to marry.

Watch local favorite, Linda Goetz, play M. Jourdain as a boorish 1970s New Yorker who has suddenly come into money and is trying to impress everyone with his “alternative facts!” A hilarious production by Newton Theatre Company, directed by Melissa Bernstein.

Tickets $20.00 adults/$15.00 seniors/$10.00 students at

May 5,  8:00 pm; May 6,  8:00 pm; May 7, 2:00 pm
Newton Cultural Center at City Hall, 1000 Commonwealth Avenue