NCE offers Navigating the Student-Athlete College Search and Recruiting Process on May 9 and 11


If you’re a student-athlete approaching the college application process, you may be experiencing some stress. The college selection and recruiting process starts much earlier for you and can be complex and time-consuming. The instructor will explain that there is a college for every student-athlete who wants to earn a college degree while playing his or her favorite sport. Join an overview of the college search and recruiting process and learn to successfully navigate the maze of issues facing the student-athlete.

You’ll learn about the differences between Divisions I, II, and III; the NCAA Clearinghouse and national Letter of Intent; and the benefits of playing a sport in college. Find out what college coaches and admissions directors are looking for and how to get their attention, and leave with action steps for each year of high school. This two-session program is for kids and adults. To register, call 617-559-6999 or visit

May 9 and May 11, 7:00-9:00 pm at Newton North High School, $45 ($75 for two).