80+ volunteers brighten 15 spaces during Operation Bold Paint

Anyone who has been to the NNHS main office this week has been able to admire the results of the sixth annual Operation Bold Paint, which took place on April 30. Skillfully guided by energetic yet unflappable chair Liz Tavares, approximately 80 volunteers patched holes and painted a wall or two in 14 classrooms and offices. In addition, a hardy group painted a spirited stripe of orange around two walls of the much-used fitness center.

As Meghan Smith, executive assistant, wrote, "I wanted to send you a note of appreciation on the behalf of the secretaries who sit in the Main Office. The team that came to NNHS to paint the walls of the office did a wonderful job. We have received so many compliments from visitors, which indicates to me it has created a warmer and more welcoming environment--for both guests and the staff. Please extend our thanks to the team who made the magic happen!"

Special thanks to Anna Ford for collecting and organizing all of the room requests, Michelle Markert for her continued help with planning and paint selection; Deedee Antonelli, Leah Arteaga, Joel Bloom, and Claire Collins for overseeing volunteers, running up and down stairs, keeping the lines of communication open, and ensuring quality control; custodians Bob Falanga and Peter Levine for opening doors, lending supplies, and helping with clean up; and Principal Henry Turner for answering questions all over the building while maintaining good cheer. 

Thank you to special guest Marathon Physical Therapy for leading stretches and sharing tips.

Thank you to all the painting volunteers, including Todd Abbott, Kendra Abbott, Charlene Agnew, Caitlin Agnew, Izzy Antonelli, Kara Apostolica, William Apostolica, Lawrence Bailey, Rachel Bindman, Sally Brickell, Orly Burnes, Adam Campbell, Lisa Carbone, Johnny Chin, Erika Chin, Alicia Copatch, Maggie Cornish, Jack Cornish, Michael Cornish, Alyssa Coutu, Elizabeth D’Agostino, Jeff Dagostino, Lisa Dagostino, Matthew Dagostino, Casey Dagostino, Lisa DePalma, Jeanne Duong, Faith Ellis, Edward Evangelakos, Emily Evangelakos, Bin Fan, Susan Flegenheimer, Jeff Foster, Willa Frantzis, Michele Gillen, Ciara Gillen, Abbey Givertzman, Michael Gobler, Lauren Gobler, Ben Gobler, Lisa Gresser, Lucas Hill, Jeanette Hurwitz, Rob Joyce, Zeina Kahhale, Tamara Kahhale, Sherry Klein, Derek Krantz, Katie Kuhl, Robert Lakomski, Elaine Loh, Claire Lynch, Megan Mc’Nulty, Conall Mc’Nulty, Mike McKee, Emma McKee, Daniel Norton, Andrew Norton, Fidelia Prado, Ina Pula, Klea Pula, Allison Radzewicz, Drew Riseberg, Eileen Sandberg, Richard Schrader, Anping Shen, Lisa Snyder, Laura Tannous, Jason Tsang, Lexi Turner, Laura Woodward, Jasmine Zheng, and others we may have missed.

See photos on the NNHS PTSO Facebook page.