Feminism in Action Day coming on May 19

Feminism in Action Day, sponsored by the Feminism Club, will be held on Friday, May 19, under the guidance of faculty advisor Shannon Slattery. Sessions will take place in the Little Theatre as follows:

Feminism in Action Day 2017

A Block: Sexism At North

The Feminism Club posted an anonymous survey to our peers and they shared stories of sexism they have experienced at North. We present examples of sexism garnered from the survey, and what we can do about them. Will begin with a short intro on what sexism is and why it matters.

Student Presenters: (Subject to change)

  • Abby Richmond
  • Shanie Kalikow
  • Alisa Caira
  • Maddy Sherbet
  • Janey Bombara

B Block: Women Making Waves

A panel of various women activists in legislature, grassroots organizations, or NGO’s, as well as student activists. They will talk about their experiences in activism, and making change in society, in government, and in politics. What's it like being a woman in activism or politics? Or a student activist? What do they do now as advocates? What do they each need to do to become more inclusive? What do we need to do, as feminists and as human beings, to include their narratives. We will begin with a short presentation by Stephanie Guirand, on Feminist History and contributions of women.


  • Janey Bombara (Moderator)
  • Stephanie Guirand Black Lives Matter Cambridge
  • Emily Norton Newton Councilmember
  • Shira Lipman Planned Parenthood
  • Jenny Horsburgh Student
  • Fariha Mahjabin Student

C Block: Interfaith Women’s Panel

This block will be a panel discussion of women of different religions discussing stigmas around their religions, what being a religious person in 2017 means to them, how being a woman in their respective faiths might vary. Why do religions need to unite against things like Islamophobia and anti-Semitism, as well as racism and sexism? Especially in a time where religion is connected to so much controversy, it is important to better understand the situations and experiences of people to give context to these ideas.

Students on Panel:

  • Janey Bombara (Moderator)
  • Luna Zhang
  • Fariha Mahjabin
  • Lourdes Paez
  • Maddy Sherbet
  • Anastasia Foley

E Block: Women In Color Panel

Panel discussion of women of color at NNHS discussing their experiences as women of color at NNHS, and what feminism means to them. Is feminism at NNHS inclusive? Do we discuss the stories of women of color at NNHS? Come to this panel to hear from students about their real experiences at NNHS.

Students on Panel:

  • Fariha Mahjabin
  • Imani Bibuld
  • Josie Joseph
  • Nattalya Brown
  • Lucy Zheng

3rd Lunch: Forte Performance

Forte, the women's a cappella group, will be performing the song Quiet the unofficial anthem of the Women's March for America, on the art courtyard.

G Block: Non-Women’s Panel

A panel of men and non-binary individuals (those who identify as a gender that is neither man or woman) talking about their experiences around gender. How does sexism affect people who aren’t women? What is being “non-binary”, and how does it relate to our ideas of masculinity and femininity? Is it the same? Shoud feminists include those who aren't women?

Students on Panel:

  • David Mapes Frances (Moderator)
  • Sam Kesselman
  • Timothy Mo
  • Achille Ricca
  • Luther Evans
  • Seneca Niehaus
  • Tommy Xia
  • Gabe Jasper

F Block: Domestic Violence Presentation

A presentation on domestic violence. Will be about spotting the signs of abuse in a relationship of your own or a relationship you know, and what to do. Please let students in your class know that you will be attending this presentation ahead of time, and mention it will discuss abuse and domestic violence.


Dani Patrick REACH Beyond Domestic Violence