Recycling Club celebrates Earth Day on May 23

The Recycling Club is excited to offer several events on Tuesday, May 23, in delayed honor of Earth Day. Information on the sessions is as follows:

B Block: Sustainable Agriculture--Alison Scorer from Newton Community Farm will discuss the important connection between our food and the environment.

C Block: Environmental Journalism Panel--Panelists will discuss their work in environmental journalism and reporting and the role it plays in environmental awareness and action.

D block: Student projects. Below are some of the students who will be sharing their work and original research related to the environment.

  • Tharun Kannan and Mukund Desibhatla--Sustainable Soap
  • Greengineering students--Greengineering projects
  • Spencer Bowman and Jack Vasu--Aquaponics
  • Isabel Joyce and Anna Bosco--Bio Independent Research Project: Simple Sustainability

G Block (lunch): Green Expo--outside of the cafeteria for all three lunches. Newton North environmental clubs as well as local green organizations will be present. (No sign up needed - just walk Main Street).

F Block: Newton Panel--Panelists will discuss their work on sustainability and environmental issues in Newton. Here are the panelists.

  • Waneta Trabert, Solid Waste and Recycling Manager for Newton
  • Ann Berwick, co-director of Sustainability for Newton
  • Marian Rambelle, chair of Newton's Solid Waste Commission
  • Marcia Cooper, president of Green Newton.