Dreamfar team completes events on May 7; thank you to donors!

The NNHS Dreamfar team would like to thank the families who donated clothing and gift cards to the team this fall! On Sunday, May 7, the team completed the Providence Marathon and Half-Marathon. Twenty students and two teachers (Ethan Peritz and Heather Haines) completed the full marathon, and two students completed the half-marathon. Many of these students could not have completed their training without your generous donations.

One of the most amazing moments of the race was when the two half-marathon students and two team members from last year ran the final seven miles with one of their friends who was struggling to finish. The photos of these students finishing together, with big smiles on their faces, tell the whole story of Dreamfar. A brief video from race day is also available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEj611ZX7bc&feature=youtu.be

To find our more about Dreamfar go to http://www.dreamfarhsm.org/ or feel free to email me. Serving as a team leader for this year's team has been a highlight of my year. I look forward to running again next year. Thanks so much!

Amy Winston

Vice Principal