Celebration shines with Hollywood Nights on June 5!

Well, we did it! Celebration 2017 was a rousing success and we couldn’t be more grateful to YOU, our Newton North community. You answered our calls when we needed donations of time, talent, and treasure. Parents of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors led our teams of parent volunteers—over 170 strong—who worked tirelessly before, during, and after the event to provide a fun, festive, post-prom party for over 520 seniors (we counted!) and their guests. Many of you made donations or helped connect us with community donors who assisted us in providing food, entertainment, and supplies for Celebration. We couldn’t have done it without all of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

See photos from Celebration (sadly scrambled by Facebook) on the Newton North PTSO Facebook page. 

Our special thanks go to our lead decorators, food and refreshments leader, and all our team leaders for their tireless efforts over the past few months: Michelle Markert, Nisa Dailey, Teri Deodato, Donna Giovannini, Sandy Connors, Amy Kropke, Jon Davis, Una Simmons, Karen O’Reilly, Faith Witte, Rex Clark, Nani Bauza, Scott Roth, and Sally Brickell. Many of these leaders will be hanging up their Celebration hats, so we thank them for their amazing help and leadership. You are all rock stars!

Our volunteers who worked shifts before, during, and after the event were amazing! Some of you even worked double or triple duty—we appreciate your efforts! Thank you to Rachel Adamsky, Larry Alberts, Nat & Tim Andreae, Deedee Antonelli, Jacquie Arbuckle, Leah Arteaga, Karen Axelrod, Sally Babigian, Kathy Baron, David Baxter, Michele Baxter, Brian Bean, Karin Beecher, Stefan Beljean, Joel Bloom, Tricia Bombara, Julie Bourgoin, Galen Boyer, Susan Boyer, Christine Bradshaw, Sally Brickell, David Bronstein, Nancy Brown, Bruce Brumberg, Martin Buckton, Bill Campbell, Johanne Campbell, Jean Cao, Laurie Carson, Phil Chapnik, Denise Chicoine, Jenny Chou, Rex Clark, Shari Cloran, Claire Coen, Jim Cohen, Cory Collins, Dan Cotter, Gavin Cox, Karen Crystal, Michael Crystal, Jeff Dagostino, Debbie Dashoff, Katherine DaSilva, Brad Davis, Dana Davis, Jon Davis, Laura DeDominicis, Erin Delaney, Sara DeSimone Scott, Cathy DeVoe, John Donovan, Laura Driscoll, Chris Dufresne, Christian Dupont, Frieda Dweck, Sara Einis, Mary-Jean Fanelli, Chris Farley, Andrea Federmann, Janet Feinberg, Diana Fisher Gomberg, Laurie Forster, Rachel Freed, Leslie Garcia, Karin Gavish, Susan Gedrick, Lisa Gianelly, Deborah Gilpin, Jennifer Glenn, Karen Gobler, Robin Goldwater, Lena Golick, Jean Greenberg, Mark Greenberg, Pamela Greene, Lisa Gresser, Liz Haas-Joffe, Dana Hanson, Gail Harris, Bill Hoch, Nick Huntington, Noelle Huntington, Jen Hyde, Sachiko Isihara, Ellen Jawitz, Kate Johnson, Jessica Johnston, Carolyn Judge, Zeina Kahhale, Rachel Kalikow, Sheryl Kalis, Alyssa Kaplan, Bennett Kaplan, Rhanna Kidwell, Lerzan Kizilay, Chris Kjellson, Danielle Klainberg, Deb Klein, Kathleen Kusiak, Helen Kwong, Bridget Lannery, Gail Larson, Maria Leo, Melissa Levy, Mark Lewis, Mary Lewis, Barbara Lietzke, Julie Lindstrom, Chris Lynch, Neil MacGaffey, Penny Macht, Dorris & Tom Mackowski, Sandy Malec, Stephanie Mamis, Karen Manning, Kristen Marshall, Roberta Martone Pavia, Liz Mansfield, Nancy Mattei, William McDonald, Katie McEachern, Pam McVey-Richard, Lynn Melville, Lorraine Miller, Michaela Millott, Jennifer Morgan, Cathleen Morrison, Lily Mui, Aileen Murphy, Anet Nambi- Nantongo, Heidi Nepf, Dan Norton, Samantha Nowak, Angela O’Dowd, Catherine O'Reilly, Lauren Paton, Jasna Pecnik, Rachel Pemstein, Kelly Phillips, Julie Pinto, Angela Pitter, Julie Plaut Mahoney, Noreen Pollard, Melissa Potter, Fidelia Prado, Lien Quach, Marian Rambelle, Deb Randall, Julie Redmond, Ellen Regan, Elizabeth Reilly, Vicki Ritterband, Claire Robertson, Joanne Robinson, Stephanie Rogers, Yan Rong, Barbara Rosen-Campbell, Helen Rousseau, Amy Ryals, Clare Safran-Norton, Ayako Samuels, Yaelle Sarid-Segal, Pria Sarma, Mary Sava, Vani Sayeed, Barb Schiele, Sharon Schindler, Lynda Schwartz, Stacy Schwartz, John Sequeira, Lori Seuch, Junko Shibuya, Amy Siegel, Amy Silberstein, Doug Simpson, Karen Solari, Paul Speidel, Jane Stackpole Vogel, Ursula Steele, Wolfgang Steudel, Sonja Strah-Pleynet, Maria Sullivan, Jeffrey Sung, Lisa Svensson, Lauren Taaffe, Wendy Tang, Miao Tarn, Liz Tavares, Sarah Tocco, Kenny Trotman, Lana Tsao, Louise Tucci, Tracy Vietze, Kelly Weaver, Pam Wright, Wei Wu, Autumn Xu, Su-mei Yen, Ginny Yerardi, Julie Youdovin, Yan Yu, and Paul Zagaeski. Please forgive any omissions.

We also wish to recognize the efforts of a few who worked behind the scenes securing financial and food donations: Sally Brickell, Kim Daley, Lisa Gianelly, Sachiko Isihara, Alison Klein, Rosa Marzen, Aprel McCabe, Karen O'Reilly, Julie Redmond, Elizabeth Reilly, Amy Silberstein, Ellen Whalley, and Faith Witte.

We want to give a shout out to the many Newton North departments who assisted us in putting together and running Celebration. They are  Graphics Department, Theatre Ink, Fine & Performing Arts, Main Office staff, Barry House, the custodial team and Sodexo Food Services. Thank you to Amanda Mazzola for her help with yearbook photos. We appreciate your support.

Finally, a HUGE thank you to Sally Brickell, who supported our efforts and pitched in just about everywhere, whenever needed. Sally, your ideas, energy, enthusiasm, and work ethic helped us make Celebration 2017 a success.

We feel fortunate to be part of this dedicated, supportive, and generous community—thank you!

Patty McCabe and Pam Greene

Co-chairs, Celebration

Thanks from the class of 2017 courtesy of Dean Aaron Sanders

The Class of 2017 would like to thank all the parents and volunteers who helped to make Celebration 2017 a HUGE success! We really appreciate your time and effort in making this a memorable event.

Thank you!

Kind words from a volunteer

A wonderful job well done. My senior thought it was terrific, loved the décor, the activities! My 2016 grad who came to help said it was really terrific to see how it all came together and she was quite impressed with the entire operation. Great job! A wonderful experience for me for the past three years.