Energetic volunteers juggle directory distribution, dues collection, and more

More than three dozen volunteers provided speedy service with a smile as they handed out 700+ directories, collected dues from about 100 families, sold 50+ college guides and student planners, answered questions about Northside Dining Adventure and other PTSO events, and directed traffic on Back to School Night. 

Thank you to all who assisted with this multifaceted operation. Volunteers included Shelli Adam, Yvonne Alberts, Jacquie Arbuckle, Karen Axelrod, Sally Brickell, Lisa Carbone, Elizabeth De Rivera, Grazia DeRocco, Annie Dicaire, Lisa Ferrante-Walsh, Divya Gadodia, Nancy Gair, Lena Gorelik, Liz Grinspoon, Gail Harris, Monika Jain, Ellen Jawitz, Barbara Joseph, Patricia Krajewski, Haoyuan Liu, Kristen Marshall, Samantha Mandel, Rosa Marzen, Patty McCabe, Katie McEachern, Barbara Perlo, Brenda Quintana, Bridget Ray-Canada, Julie Redmond, Grace Rokosz, Vani Sayeed, Lori Seuch, Una Simmons, April Stein, Lauren Taaffe, Marcia Tabenken, and Paul Zagaeski. PLEASE pardon any omissions!

Special thanks to the directory and membership team and the PTSO co-treasurers for their months of work collecting dues and bringing the directory to fruition. They are Grazia DeRocco, Lisa Ferrante-Walsh, Ellen Jawitz, Cathy Lee, Bridget Ray-Canada, Grace Rokosz, and April Stein. Shout out to Paul Zagaeski for bringing his technical expertise to the directory front matter and printing prep. Finally, thank you to the NNHS Graphics department for producing the directory (and designing the cover!) and to the NNHS custodians for their energetic help on Back to School Night.

See photos from the evening on the NNHS PTSO Facebook page