Farlow Park restoration project continues

At the end of August, unanticipated issues were discovered by AJ Virgilio, Newton's construction contractor for the Farlow Park restoration project. It is not uncommon during any large capital project for the vendor to run into obstacles that were not discovered during the feasibility study and initial project planning. These unforeseen issues were inaccessible during the discovery and initial project analysis as the original pond basin sat under 18 inches of loam. Fortunately, much of the original basin is intact, amazing considering this man-made pond was originally constructed in the late 1800s. In order to make the basin watertight, weep holes needed to be expanded and then patched, and the expansion joints needed to be cleaned and resurfaced. Also, the edging around the basin was in bad shape in certain places and needed significant repair.

The project manager and the Commissioner of Parks and Recreation were presented with the necessary changes by the contractor, design and structural engineers, and landscape architect. With the recommendations in hand, the cost changes were negotiated and the project is now moving forward. The new bridge is being constructed off-site.

An updated timeline will be shared with the community via email (Newton Corner Google Group), Facebook (both Newton Corner and Farlow Park pages), and the Friends of Farlow Park website.

The City of Newton is committed to the Farlow Park restoration project as the Friends of Farlow Park have been since 2004. All residents of Newton Corner and the city of Newton are invited to join the Friends of Farlow Park

Here is the CPA project link: http://www.newtonma.gov/gov/planning/cpa/projects/farlow.asp#2013-proposal