Want to support study abroad? GELF is looking for volunteers

The Jennifer Price Global Education Leadership Fund (GELF) program is looking for new members to head up and participate in the following auxiliary GELF boards: Fundraising Board, GELF Benefit Dinner Planning Board, GELF Benefit Dinner PR Board, and GELF Corporate Liaison Board.

GELF raises and distributes funds for scholarships to low-income students at Newton North or South so that they can participate in some of the many wonderful international travel opportunities that the Newton Schools offer. Many students who receive GELF have never left the country before or been on a plane, and none would be able to access these special educational opportunities without GELF. GELF opens doors and changes lives… it is a truly heartwarming program to be a part of! You can read more about the GELF fund here: https://www.newton.k12.ma.us/Page/2044

Serving as a GELF board member is a relatively low time commitment, and we are looking for volunteers who can truly commit to the responsibilities of the position. Board members do not need to have extensive travel or international experience, although a passion for the importance of international travel in education is helpful. Parents of freshmen or sophomores are especially welcome. 

Duties for each board include 2-4 meetings a year (scheduled far in advance), and help outside of meetings in furthering GELF’s mission according to your board's goal. For instance, the GELF Benefit Dinner PR Board spreads the word about the May 5th GELF benefit dinner to other parents and community members. The GELF Benefit Dinner Planning Board organizes and manages preparations for the May 5th GELF dinner. The GELF Fundraising board initiates and assists with fundraising efforts, and the GELF Corporate Liaison board helps GELF network for new corporate sponsorships.

Each of these boards is connected to the students that we serve and helps to direct the trajectory of GELF's mission. If you would be interested in finding out more, please email Samantha Mandel, Global Education Programs Manager for Newton Public Schools, at samantha_mandel@newton.k12.ma.us.

If you would like to get involved but cannot commit to being a board member, here are other ways to support GELF.