City of Newton seeks residents for boards and commissions

Newton residents participate in local government as members of more than fifty boards, commissions, committees, and advisory councils serving the City. Such broad citizen involvement helps our government remain open and responsive. Residents play a critical role in the work required to address the wide variety of needs in our city.

Appointments to the City’s boards and commissions are made most frequently by the Mayor with the approval of the City Council, but some are made directly by the City Council or the School Committee.

The following boards and commissions are some of the key groups with openings that the City of Newton is looking to fill:

  • Commission on Disability
  • Community Preservation Committee
  • Human Rights Commission

If you have an interest in one of these areas and would like to volunteer, please apply online at The webpage also has a list of all openings, and we would welcome applications to any of these groups as well.