Northside Dining Adventure entertains and engages

About 180 parents/guardians turned out for an energetic evening of friendship and shared dining at the homes of 24 hospitable hosts on Friday, October 27. Guests, hosts, and organizers enjoyed connecting with friends and meeting new people. Participants modeled civic engagement and community building; as Principal Turner stated in his welcome remarks, these are qualities he is emphasizing this year at Newton North. Special thanks to event co-chairs Jacquie Arbuckle and Lauren Taaffe, who demonstrated patience, persistence, and grace under pressure during the planning and rollout of this special event.

Diners began their evening with an amazing spread of appetizers at Newton North. Thank you to appetizer chairs Jennifer Glenn and Jane Stackpole for putting together this portion of the evening. Wonderful live music was provided by Upswing, a student jazz ensemble. Diners then dispersed to host homes for delicious meals of all types. Thank you to all of the hosts, as follows: Michele and Dave Baxter, Mindy Berman and Dan Solomon, Naila Bolus and Burt Glass, Elizabeth and Eric Bosco, Sally Brickell, Jeff Kaplan, and Marc Vasu, Beth and Richard Coomber, Jen and Robert Siegelman, Debbie Dashoff and John O'Brien, Christine and Jim Elder, Alison Galbraith and Colin Sox, Krista and John Kett, Sarah and Scott Gregorian, Nick Iselin, Sarah Iselin, Barbara and Andrew Joseph, Marina Kvitnitsky and Dan Cohen, Marla and Dan Libraty, OC Manos and Sharon Eilon, Linda and Bill McLaughlin, Amy Siegel and Brett Leav, Stephanie Zelman and Rich Rosenzweig, Tracy and John Soehle, Lana Tsao and Robert Ludwick, Cathy Lee and Clement Yuen, Susan McMurry, Gwo-Shu Mary Lee and Lex Van der Ploeg, Nicole Von Rekowsky, Karen Woodrow and Larry Michel, Jill Radsken and Ralph Ranalli, and Pam Wright and John Fitzpatrick.

The evening concluded with delightful desserts organized by Mary Beth DeNucci at the capacious home of Laurie Halloran. Thank you, Mary Beth and Laurie, for ending the evening so successfully that guests did not want to leave!

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped with the appetizer and dessert portions. They are as follows: Jacquie Arbuckle, Leah Arteaga, Karen Carroll Bennett, Jenn Conley, Geraldine Cox, Jeff Dagostino, Nicola Killeen Day, Laura DeDominicis, Jun Ding, Louise Dube, Mary Beth DeNucci, Jun Ding, Charlotte DuHamel, Divya Gadodia, Alexia Giannakopoulos, Karen Gobler, Liz Haas, Nancy Hair, Jen Hyde, Andrea Katsenes, Melissa Kontaridis, Yanping Liu, Brita Lundberg, Ellen MacKenzie, Katie McEachern, George McManus, Pam McVey-Richard, Lilli Meiselman, Jen Mendelsohn, Sami O'Reilly, Sherita Paiman-Van Kuijck, Carmen Pancerella, Lindsay Pike, Julie Pinto, Angela Pitter, Valerie Pontiff, Nancy Poole, Lauren Taaffe, Sara DeSimone Scott, Ursula Steele, Yansheng Wang, and Wei Wu. Please pardon any omissions.

See photos on the NNHS PTSO Facebook page.