Teachers and staff enjoy festive dinner during parent-teacher conferences

Under the able leadership of Teacher Appreciation co-chairs Jordana Alford, Stacy Schwartz, and Maria Sullivan, teachers and staff were treated to a wonderful Italian feast at the PTSO's annual Teacher Appreciation dinner on Thursday, November 30. Attendees were able to pick up many delicious items and return to their rooms for parent conferences or to sit down for a few minutes and share a meal with their colleagues.

Special thanks to all the parents/guardians who cooked, shopped, donated, set up, served, and cleaned up in order to make this special event happen. Please excuse any omissions from the following list:

Jen Abbott, Miriam Alandydy, Leah Arteaga, Karen Axelrod, Beth Coomber, Sally Brickell, Tracy Carroll, Denise Chicoine, Iris Eileeen Coloma-Gaines, Magda Duchnowska, Frieda Dweck, Janet Feinberg, June Ferestien, Deborah Fredberg, Divya Gadodia, Laurie Gershkowitz, Jessie Gilmartin, Hongtao Guo, Gail Harris, Jennifer Hyde, Mary Johnston, Barbara Joseph, Ana Kales, Joanne Kazarian, Wendy Kritzer, Gwo-Shu, Mary Lee, Maria Leo, Karen Manning, Julie Marcus, Michelle Markert, Marian McDonagh, Katie McEachern, Beth Panella, Sami O’Reilly, Valerie Pontiff, Wendy Rivenburgh, Sarah Rizzo, Pria Sarma, Vani Sayeed, Lori Seuch, Lesley Silberstein, Una Simmons, Christina Silwa, Lexi Turner, Holly Umina, Faith Witte, Pam Wright, and Wei Wu.

See photos on the Newton North PTSO Facebook page.