Two on-campus presentations planned in January

There are two exciting on-campus presentations coming! Teachers can sign up their classes to attend.

Tuesday, January 23 G2 Block in the Auditorium.  Chris and Kathi Sullivan will be presenting on substance use and making healthy choices.  Chris Sullivan is a former NE Patriots defensive lineman and he and his wife, Kathi, will share insights on substance use, addiction, good choices, and not being afraid to ask for help.  Both share their personal stories about addiction and mental health. 

Thursday, January 25 B3 Block in the Little Theatre: Families for Depression Awareness is coming for their 4th annual visit to NNHS.  Two young adults from the Families For Depression Awareness (FFDA) Speaker's Bureau will discuss their own stories of living with depression and anxiety and have time for Q&A.  This has been a poignant and powerful presentation and has led every year to students coming forward to share with their parents/guardians and teachers about their struggles.

These presentations help to destigmatize mental health issues and help students have a better understanding of these challenging issues.

Alison Malkin, LICSW

Prevention/Intervention Social Worker


Room 301