Vice Principal Amy Winston introduces course registration phase #2

We are now wrapping up registration Phase #1 and moving on to Phase #2. Please find all course registration materials and directions here. 

  • If you login to Aspen now, you will see recommendations in progress. Teachers have until 8 a.m. on Wednesday morning (3/7) to enter course recommendations in Aspen.

  • By Friday (3/2), teachers were supposed to let students know about honors recommendations so that you could discuss them as a family this weekend. If you have questions, please contact the teacher. If you are choosing to balance your schedule, and take an ACP course instead of an honors course, please let the teacher know on Monday or Tuesday.

  • If you have any questions about course recommendations, please contact the teacher. Refer to my last letter for information about our recommendation process and how to get your questions answered.

  • If a student is requesting electives that do not require a teacher recommendation (list attached), students must enter those courses directly in Aspen themselves. Students may enter these requestable courses directly into Aspen starting at 9 a.m. on Wednesday morning (3/7).

    • List of “requestable” courses attached.

    • Directions for adding requests directly into Aspen attached.

  • Student requests must be entered directly into Aspen by March 12. Counselors will begin reviewing requests on March 12.

  • ALL students must login to Aspen to request a PE. Your course requests will not submit without a PE request. You must also request two alternate PE choices.

  • All students must request a minimum of 24 blocks of classes for each semester.

    • Juniors and seniors who are committed to extracurricular activities may enroll in a minimum of 22, not 24, blocks at NNHS. These activities must be supervised by NNHS faculty/staff, be connected to the curriculum, and have a definite product or concluding performance. Examples of such activities include school sports, school publications, theater (directing, acting or tech. crew), science/math teams, Model UN, Speech Team/Mock Trial, school-supervised community service, and school-supervised tutoring and educational clubs. Seniors and juniors should choose their courses at registration time with this option in mind.

    • To request a “22 block” schedule, please choose the appropriate options in the “22 block” track on aspen.

      • Choosing one or more of these classes will allow you to complete course registration with only 22 blocks of classes selected.

      • Note that your counselor will need to approve these requests. If your counselor denies your request, you will need to add another elective.

      • You may select a maximum of 2 courses from this list.

      • Selecting "Applying for PeerTutor/ClassAide" does not guarantee acceptance into these programs.

  • Note that only students can enter/make edits in Aspen. Parents have view-only access. 

  • If a student needs help or computer access, chromebooks will be available on Main Street during lunch on Wednesday and Friday this week. Ms. Bridge (our scheduler) and I will be there for all 3 lunches each day.