Merci bien! On a fait la fete (Celebration) d'une maniere magnifique!

The Newton North community owes Patty McCabe a debt of gratitude for hosting a wonderful post-prom party for seniors—for her third consecutive year! Celebration was breathtaking and fun as a result of Patty’s months of hard work building a team; wrangling area decorators, team leaders, and other volunteers; working with NNHS; and overseeing everything as Monday rolled into Tuesday. Patty remained unflappable even when times got tough. Thank you, Patty, for putting together a wonderful event that seniors will remember fondly!

See photos from Celebration 2018 on the NNHS PTSO Facebook page. 

Words of gratitude from Patty

Celebration 2018, which featured a Midnight in Paris theme, was an overwhelming success, and we couldn’t be more grateful to YOU, our Newton North community! You answered our calls when we needed you and we are thankful for your generosity. Parents of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors led our teams of parent/guardian volunteers—more than 170 strong—who worked tirelessly before, during, and after the event to provide a fun, festive, post-prom party for more than 560 seniors and their guests. Many of you made donations or helped connect us with community donors who assisted us in providing food, entertainment, and supplies for Celebration. We couldn’t have done it without all of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Our special thanks go to our area decorators, food and refreshments leader, and all our team leaders for their tireless efforts over the past few months. They are Vanessa Allen, Adriana Bauza-Powderly, Ana Bonilla, Sally Brickell, Jennifer Conley, Sandy Connors, Teri Deodato, Christian Dupont, Janet Feinberg, Donna Giovannini, Melissa Gulley, Krista Kett, Misia Landau, Karen O’Reilly, Scott Roth, Barb Schiele, and Una Simmons.

A super special shout out to Donna Giovannini! She navigated a figurative obstacle course at NNHS and, with her team, secured donations from 30+ area restaurants and groceries to make sure our Celebration attendees had plenty to eat and drink. A few of these leaders will be “graduating,” so we thank them for their amazing help and leadership. You are all rock stars!

A couple of volunteers deserve special gratitude for being champions of Celebration behind the scenes with many different committees: Michelle Markert and Faith Witte.   Thank you for supporting this event. Your creativity and problem-solving skills were invaluable before, during, and afterwards! 

We also wish to recognize the efforts of a few who worked behind the scenes to reduce costs and to secure food, paper goods, grocery items, and monetary donations from area businesses. Thank you to Jen Borhegyi, Julie Bourgoin, Lisa Conti, Kim Daley, Nicholas Iselin, Danielle Klainberg, Julie Lindstrom, Tammy McKenna, Sherita Paiman-van Kuijck, Elizabeth Reilly, Rick Reilly, Nina Tebaldi, and Ellen Whalley.

Please thank the businesses and organizations who supported this event! They are listed in the left column of the PTSO website (

Thank you to all our volunteers, as follows: Jen Abbott, Larry Alberts, Yvonne Alberts, Heather Alker, Nat Andreae, Tim Andreae, Jacquie Arbuckle, Karen Axelrod, David B, Julie Barbieri, Karin Beecher, Mindy Berman, Joel Bloom, Melissa Boucher, Julie Bourgoin, Galen Boyer, Susan Boyer, Lisa Byrne, Bill Campbell, Chris Campbell, Johanne Campbell, Lisa Carbone, Bonnie Carey, Carmen Castrillo-Viguera, Nancy Caulfield, Tiana Celesia, Helen Ceres, Paula Checkoway, Charlotte Chen, Claire Coen, Geraldine Cox, Deb cronin strymish, Karen Crystal, Michael Crystal, Jeff Dagostino, Kim Daley, Debbie Dashoff, Katherine Dasilva, Dana Davis, Elizabeth De Rivera, Laura DeDominicis, Erin Delaney, Teri Deodato, Grazia DeRocco, Viet Do, Margaret Doris, Chris Dufresne, David Eng, Debbie Everett, Ted Everett, Angela Falchuk, Janet Feinberg, Diana Fisher Gomberg, Divya Gadodia, Alison Galbraith, Clare/Paul Gamberoni/Nugent, Karin Gavish, Yarden Gavish, Susan Gedrick, Leili Ghezlli, Karen Gobler, Lena Golick,Trudy Good, Mark Greenberg, Pamela Greene, Wei Guan, Beth Gundy, Liz Haas-Joffe, Susan Haber, Jerry Hajjar, Helena Han, Dana Hanson, Gail Harris, Nick Huntington, Noelle Huntington, Jen Hyde, Terrie Inder, Monika Jain, James Jampel, Ellen Jawitz, Carolyn Judge, Alyssa Kaplan, Shiri Katz-Gershon, Chris King, Ellen Kiron, Danielle Klainberg, Deb Klein Klein, Gabriel Kreiman, Amy Kropke, Robert Lakomski, Nancy Landry, Kathy Larsen, Millicent Lawton, Sandy Ledgard, Maria Leo, Mary Lewis, Marla Libraty, Julie Lindstrom, Kristina Lushnikova, Neil MacGaffey, Karen Manning, Michelle Markert, Sandra Marwill, Kristie Mattioli, Alison May, John McCabe, Ginny McCormick, Marian McDonagh, Bill McDonald, Toni McDonald, Katie McEachern, Mary McKee, Pam McVey-Richard, Leticia Meza-Riedewald, Alison Montague, Ann Nguyen, Dan Norton, Sami O'Reilly, Carmen Pancerella, Lauren Paton, Jasna Pecnik, Rachel Pemstein, Anita Perez, LIndsay Pike, Norene Pollard, Valerie Pontiff, Beth Porter, Melissa Potter, Fidelia Prado, Lien Quach, Julie Redmond, Ellen Regan, Elizabeth Reilly, Claire and Jim Robertson, Mark Rosenberg, Ayako Samuels, Agi Sardi, Vani Sayeed, Sharon Schindler, Lynda Schwartz, Stacy Schwartz, Eliana Semedo, Weiqun Shi, Ellen Silberman, Jane Stackpole Vogel, Ursula Steele, Andrea Steenstrup, April Stein, Lisa Stevenson, Jeffrey Sung, Sue Sung, Lauren Taaffe, Kyle And Megan Tager, Wendy Tang, Elena Taycher, Margaret Wazuka, Michael Winton, Faith Witte, Don Wright, Wei Wu, Caroline Wu, Zhiyong Yang, Jing Yuan, and Shelly Xiaoyi Zhang. Please forgive any omissions!

We are also grateful to the many Newton North departments who assisted us throughout our planning and event. They include the following:

  • NNHS Graphics Department for their help with our logo, invitations, posters and decorations
  • Theatre Ink for loaning us some props and set pieces
  • Fine & Performing Arts department
  • Dr. Henry Turner & Main Office staff
  • Riley House
  • NNHS Custodial Team
  • Tiger’s Loft

We also want to recognize Freddie Farkel’s Fabric Showplace for helping our decorators create their vision for a special night, and Farina’s Bicycles for donating a prop used in our Paris street.

Finally, a HUGE thank you to Sally Brickell, who supported our efforts and pitched in just about everywhere, whenever needed. Sally, your ideas, problem solving, energy, enthusiasm, thoughtfulness, and work ethic helped us make Celebration 2018 a fitting sendoff for our senior class.

It’s fortunate to be part of this dedicated, supportive and generous community—thank you!

Patty McCabe

Chair, Celebration 2018