Safely dispose of prescription meds in Newton; combat opioid epidemic

Safely dispose of prescription medicines at the following two locations in Newton:

  1. Newton Police Station (1321 Washington Street)
  2. West Lobby of Newton-Wellesley Hospital (2014 Washington Street)

Misuse of prescription drugs is a common way for teens and adults to start down the road of addiction. The most common place young people get access to prescription drugs is their home medicine cabinet. A few simple steps can have a significant impact on limiting unsafe access to these powerful drugs.

  • Immediately and safely dispose of any unused medication (for more information on disposing of medication, see
  • Secure all prescription drugs that are currently being used in a lock box or other inaccessible location.
  • Track all prescriptions, including counting pills to ensure they are not being taken inappropriately.
  • Talk to your kids about never taking any drugs that are not prescribed specifically for them by their health care provider.
  • Talk to your health care provider about limiting prescriptions of opioids and seeking alternative strategies for pain management when possible.