Celebration draws praise from staff and students

Celebration looked incredible! Thank you for the experience that you facilitated for my seniors and their families to have post-prom fun safely!

To pull off such a high volume of so many clever touches requires an incredible manager (Patty!) to plan, communicate, delegate, and more.


Thank you both for your role in helping this year's Celebration come to fruition.


We are so lucky our students' families help make this party dream come true. Please pass my compliments forward.


Merci beaucoup.


Take care and rest!





Congratulations on a successful Celebration, the kids LOVED it!!!! 

Melissa Hanenberger, College Counselor & T2 Director



To the Newton North PTSO -

Thank you for all your hard work and beautiful, creative genius that went into our Newton North "CELEBRATION 2018."

I had the opportunity to chaperone the senior prom and as the second, more creative part of the evening unfolded I was fortunate to walk with the students in their prom attire as they entered under the "CELEBRATION" sign into their school to continue their evening.

I wish you all could have seen their surprised and excited faces, and heard their comments as they entered the same school that had no sign of decorations or Celebration at 3 p.m. earlier that day.

Some of their comments included, "This is awesome!", "My mother has been here for hours!", There are games and a bunch of people are drawing faces."  "Please tell me there is food, I am starved!", "Wait...we don't have to pay for anything right?" "Oh my God, I didn't even recognize the cafeteria!" "I am sticking around for the winning prize draw at 2:20 a.m.  I hope I am awake to win it!!"

I have been working in Counseling at Newton North for the past 18 years; three or our children attended North ( '06, '09, '12) and all attended the prom and Celebration.  I know what kind of work goes into the creation and ( in the earliest morning hours) breakdown of this huge effort to celebrate the students.

You need to know that is was worth all of your hard work, money, creative thought and energy on their special night.

In the early morning hours I drove a student home and as she was leaving I asked her what was the favorite part of the evening and she answered "all of it. "It was like a magical dream that came true just for me."

You need to know you all made that dream come true for not one but all of the students, parents and faculty who looked forward to a magical send-off for the Class of 2018.

From the bottom of our hearts...Thank you!!        

Jane Kenslea, M.S.N./C.A.G.S., Academic Support Counselor