Volunteer 2018-19

The NNHS PTSO needs your experience to succeed.  Please review the PTSO's current volunteer openings below. Contact the PTSO at co-presidents@northptso.org to learn more and to volunteer! <insert a form so they could respond here>

  • Vice president, Fundraising: Oversee PTSO fundraising efforts and attend board meetings. (Sept.-June, two hours/week).
  • Vice president, Programming: Determine content of PTSO programs; arrange logistics. (Sept.-June, one hour/two weeks).
  • Nominating/volunteer coordinator: Solicit and welcome volunteers; fill positions. (Sept.-June, one hour/two weeks).
  • Celebration co-chairs: Plan and oversee early June post-prom party for all seniors. (Feb.-June, three hours/week).
  • Class liaisons: Serve as parent representative for the grade, including communication. (Sept.-June, one hour/two weeks).
  • Communication co-chairs: Post stories on PTSO website; update PTSO Facebook page. ((Sept.-June, one hour/two weeks).
  • Educational Excellence co-chairs: Oversee annual check-writing campaign for a need identified by NNHS. (Oct.-Mar.,  three hours/week).
  • Just Think Expo co-chairs: Organize and oversee community prevention expo. (Sept.-Jan., three hours/week).