Northside Dining Adventure warms the NNHS community

After weeks of planning, Jacquie Arbuckle and Amy Parminder, Northside Dining Adventure co-chairs, hosted a wonderful evening of food and fun for about 185 guests on Saturday, October 20. Thank you to Jacquie and Amy for overseeing an organized and memorable Northside Dining 2018! 

Numerous other hardworking volunteers helped make the evening a success. Hats off to Liz Haas for kicking off the evening at Newton North with an array of delicious appetizers. The food and flowers were beautiful and helped set the mood for the evening. Live music was provided by a student ensemble featuring NNHS students Dejan Brown and Aidan Devine. Diners gathered for socializing and remarks by Principal Turner, after which they collected their dining assignments and headed off. 

The next phase of the evening was overseen by generous hosts who set up a cornucopia of meals at 24 host homes. Many hosts teamed up to share their duties. Thank you to Dima Basha; Sophie Barratt and John Hofmann; Michele and Dave Baxter; Jenny Bell and David Goddeau; Sally Brickell, Jeff Kaplan, Lisa Carbone, and Robert Lakomski; James Bryant and Stuart Sadick; Yasmin and John Dalton; Joanne and Dan Foley; Sarah and Scott Gregorian; Benjamin and Gwen Hautefeuille; Susannah Heschel and James Aronson; Jennifer and Jerry Hrychszyn; Jen Hyde, David Bronstein, Gail Harris, and David Reider; Nick Iselin and Hannah Bottigheimer; Rhanna Kidwell and Dan Silver; Susan McMurry, Jim Landa, Lana Tsao, Robert Ludwick, and Cathy Yuen; Lilli Meiselman; Lorelei Mucci and Phil Kantoff; Meredith and Venki Murthy; Phoebe and Ed Olhava; Nancy Poole, Nigel Poole, Juan Arango, and Lerzan Kizilay; Tracy and John Soehle; Vicki and Todd Symonds; and Lauren Taaffe and Jerry Hajjar for opening their homes to gather new and seasoned parents/guardians around delicious meals! 

To end the evening on yet another fabulous note, Laurie Halloran and Gary Bagnall graciously hosted desserts for a sixth year. The PTSO is indebted to Laurie and Gary for their years of relaxed hospitality!

Other volunteers provided appetizer and desserts and helped with set up and clean up. Thank you to Jacquie Arbuckle, Stuart Arbuckle, Melissa Boucher, Alicia Bowman, John Colangelo, Jenn Conley, Geraldine Cox, Denise Cremin, Kim Daley, Lydia Davis, Mary Beth DeNucci, Marie Jo Dumoulin, Angela Falchuk, Gail Fitzgerald, Kristen Fitzgerald, Alexia Giannakopoulos, Jen Greeley, Liz Haas, Helena Han-Papakonstantinou, Ana Kales, Kathy Larsen, Jeanette Leone, Yanping Liu, Brita Lundberg, Rose Mariano, Cecilia Mastrobuono, Catharine McEachern, Pam McVey-Richard, Alison Montague, Sami O'Reilly, Beth Panella, Amy Parminder, Elizabeth Porter, Heather Pozen, Janet Quinn, Elizabeth Reilly, Samantha Santangelo, Vani Sayeed, Jocelyn Scheirer, Karla Siegel, Maria Sullivan, Beth Tierney, Amalia Timbers, Pat Tobin, Maureen Vahey, Wei Wu, and Beth Zwick.

Finally, thank you to PTSO co-presidents Sally Brickell and Agi Sardi for their support and to PTSO co-treasurer April Stein for her help behind the scenes.

See photos on the Newton North PTSO Facebook page.