Newton 8th grader featured in "Gooney Bird" through November 18

Wheelock Family Theatre’s performance of "Gooney Bird Greene and Her True Life Adventures" features Brown 8th grader Ava Lyons. Ava will perform as Felicia Ann, a classmate of Gooney Bird. "Gooney Bird Greene and Her True Life Adventures" is an adaptation by Kent R. Brown of the Lois Lowry book that charts the quirky course of Gooney Bird, a new student at Watertower Elementary with a flair for the theatrical. Gooney Bird inspires her classmates to maximize their own self-expression through wearing brightly-colored mismatched ensembles and telling wildly imaginative stories that are 100% true.

There will be 16 performances between October 26 and November 18, with shows available to the public mostly on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Tickets can be ordered from Wheelock Family Theatre’s website at Tickets for the Saturday morning (10:30 a.m.) shows are discounted at $15. Approximate run time: 90 minutes.