CCES sponsors mock election on November 6

Five hundred Newton North students, staff and faculty voted in a mock election sponsored by the Center for Civic Engagement and Service (CCES), run by Claudia Wu and Terry Yoffie, during lunch blocks on November 6. Voters had an opportunity to read about the ballot proposals and cast their votes for candidates and on ballot issues. Voters completed ballots that corresponded to where they live--Newton or Boston, since there were different candidates and issues to vote on in each community. 

Results of the voting are posted outside the CCES on Main Street. Students are encouraged to stop by to see a U.S. Mid-Term "Election Highlights" board that illustrates some of the "firsts" this election brought about. They can also find information on how NNHS results compare to MA statewide voting and how the residents of the City of Newton voted on Newton Questions 1 and 2.

Thank you to parent volunteers Jen Abbott, Frieda Dweck, Karen Manning, Vicky Stein, Archana Szpak, and Faith Witte for helping. 

See photos on the Newton North PTSO Facebook page. 

Read down, and vertically, on the chart below to get the results from each community.