PTSO board meeting minutes: October 23, 2018

Introductions – members went around and gave brief introductions

Ed Ex Presentation – Lori and Melissa

1.  It’s an annual check-writing campaign, with focus this year on bringing in specific equipment for use in specific labs of Junior Biology classes, AP Bio, Biochemistry, Forensic Science and Marine Biology

  • Equipment is pipettes($30k) and thermocyclers ($13k)
  • Currently have small numbers of this equipment and not enough for a full class to use
  • Labs teach lab tech skills necessary for college level science labs
  • Specific Labs do not keep info/dna; nothing identifiable
  1. Ed Ex materials were reviewed
    1. Campaign includes:
      1. Mailer first week of Nov
      2. Programming event end of Nov
      3. Email follow ups during campaign with student stories
      4. End Mid Feb
  2. Some Northside Diners inquired how to helpèCan Henry follow up?
  3. Ideas to augment campaign:
    1. Link on giving website to story about Matching Funds and how to
    2. Giving Competition by Grade
    3. Progress Thermometer – maybe displayed during conferences days

Programming – Elizabeth and Linda

1.  10/24 Prevention Event on Vaping and Juuling; handouts and links in Tiger News

2. 11/27  Ed Ex Info Event 

  • Presentation with Lori and Melissa
  • Demo with Rep from company that sells equipment or teacher
  • Speaker (30 min) on Biology in the World topics

3. Other Events

  • 10/25 Coffee
  • 11/9 TGIF Breakfast by Junior Class
  • 11/29 Dinner for Teachers by PTSO 3-6pm

Financial – Apri

  1. A couple of thank you notes shared
  2. Collection/dues campaign brought in $56k
  3. Computer for Ms. Slattery was approved early through Grants/Projects
  • Approved $1324 and vote approved an increase if necessary

4. Discussed matching funds proposal for Ed Ex.  I.e. PTSO will match funds if so much is raised

  • Perhaps keep idea for use later in campaign

 Northside Dining Adventure – Sally

  • 250 people involved
  • Great feedback on date, day of week
  • Ed ex info shared by Henry
  • Hosts get a thank you from Chair
  • Event needs better flow, and better planned communication around food donations – Sally

  • Calendar and event website only with no ads
  • Discussed whether it’s Ok to share PTO list of events
  • Yes, if clear that it’s only community news

Grants & Projects – Joel and Jane

  • Requests to come in:  CAPS program and a standing desk(s)
  • Will go to faculty meeting on 11/1 or 11/13 to encourage application

 Principal – Henry

  • Update on Survey regarding HS Schedules (NOT late start time just daily schedule)
  • Hot topics for HS Schedules:  long blocks and x block