Class of 2020 volunteers treat teachers and staff to breakfast on November 9

Junior class liaisons Kathleen Kusiak, Vicki Spetter, and Jane Stackpole boosted teacher/staff morale with a fall-themed TGIF breakfast on November 9. NNHS personnel gratefully flocked to the International Cafe to fortify themselves for the day and catch up with colleagues. The breakfast featured delicious items donated by generous parent/guardian volunteers, hot items, and the ever-popular yogurt parfaits assembled onsite.

Thank you to Kathleen, Vicki, and Jane, and all the others who helped, including Jen Abbott, Alicia Bowman, Sally Brickell, Rosella Bruno, Krishna Chirareddy, Sandy Connors, Doris Damian, Laura Davis, Mary Kathryn Fallon, Jennifer Glenn, Nancy Hair, Linda Hsu, Jen Hyde, Lakshmi Kadambi, Bon Koo, Haoyuan Liu, Karen Manning, Kristen Marshall, Pam McVey-Richard, Eda Mustafaraj, Bonnie Pantalone, Jasna Pecnik, Julie Pinto, Julie Redmond, Elizabeth Reilly, Donna Rigg, Lisa Robinson, Joanne Simpson, Marcia Tabenken, Rachana Thakkar, Beth Tierney, Julie Youdovin, Laura Woodward, and Pinglei Zhou. Please pardon any omissions!

See photos on the Newton North PTSO Facebook page.