November is Diabetes Awareness Month; know the signs

Warning Signs of Diabetes

A Collaboration between the Jordan Bennett Weiss Fund and the City of Newton Health Department

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Familiarize yourself with the warning signs / symptoms of diabetes. Sometimes the symptoms are very obvious, and other times they are not.  Early detectionandknowledgeof the warning signs is your greatest weapon against the disease and its complications!*

TYPE 1 DIABETES MELLITUSThese symptoms often occur suddenly and must receive immediate medical attention. 

٭ Excessive thirst 

٭ Frequent urination, sometimes exhibited by bedwetting in large quantities

٭ Sudden vision changes

٭ High amounts of sugar in the blood and/or urine   (A sweet, fruity odor may be present in urine, on one’s breath/body.)

٭ Extreme hunger (increased appetite)

٭ Rapid or unexplained weight loss 

٭ Fatigue (weak and tired)

٭ Irritability and mood changes

٭ Drowsiness, lethargy

٭ Nausea and/or vomiting 

٭ Abdominal pain

٭ Rapid, hard breathing (heavy, labored)

٭ Confusion, Stupor, Unconsciousness

TYPE 2 DIABETES MELLITUSThese symptoms occur gradually, however, they must receive immediate medical attention.

٭ Blurred vision

٭ Tingling or numbness in the legs, feet or fingers

٭ Frequent infections of the skin

٭ Recurring skin, gum or urinary tract infections

٭ Darker patches of skin usually in neck folds

٭ Itching of skin and/or genitals

٭ Drowsiness 

٭ Slow healing of cuts and bruises

٭ Any of the symptoms listed under type 1 diabetes

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