Newton Public Schools shares information about Chromebook pilot with 10th grade families

December 2018

Dear 10th Grade Families,

The Newton Public Schools is excited to expand its One-to-One Chromebook initiative this year. Last year, the pilot involved a few specific classes at both high schools. In January of 2019, we will provide a Chromebook (Model: Lenovo 300e) to all 10th graders as part of the standard school-issued materials needed for learning at the high schools.

Why is it important to have access to technology in the classroom? Technology tools can provide deeper conceptual knowledge and new ways of acquiring valuable skills. Technology can allow students to visualize content in unique ways, to be creators of their own learning rather that passive participants, and to demonstrate knowledge in authentic and meaningful formats. By incorporating technology into the classroom regularly and when appropriate for learning, we can better ensure students develop the skills necessary to be powerful and responsible users of technology in our digital world.

We expect the actual impact on instruction to be small at first as teachers learn new ways of appropriately incorporating technology into the classroom. Having all students come to class with the same device will make it significantly easier for teachers to embed technology in their lessons and ensures that all students have the same level of access.

The Chromebooks will be issued to 10th graders for educational use in the classroom and at home. We expect and encourage parents to help their children make good choices with the device at home, and we encourage you to set usage guidelines with your child. More information on the issuing of Chromebooks, including a Chromebook Loan Agreement, Chromebook Care and Use Guide, and the timeline for distribution will be available in the coming month. We will also host informational nights in January for parents. In the meantime, we encourage you to visit the NPS High School 1:1 Laptop Initiative website to learn more information.

We look forward to partnering with you as we begin this new opportunity.


Steven Rattendi                               Joel Stembridge                    Henry Turner

Interim Director of IT/Libraries       Principal, NSHS                     Principal, NNHS