PTSO funds provide fast computer so art teacher can better assist students

Art teacher Shannon Slattery noticed this fall that too much of the time she allotted to helping students assemble digital portfolios for their college applications was being wasted while she watched her 10-year-old computer "beachball." She approached the PTSO for help, and the PTSO board approved $1300 for the purchase of a new computer. Tech specialist Phil Golando determined what computer would be best, placed the order, and set up the new computer.

Now Ms. Slattery is back in action helping seniors. She has 10-15 art majors each year. Some are applying to art programs and others are using their artwork as a supplement to their application to general college programs. Ms. Slattery photographs the artwork and works with each senior to group, crop, and organize the photos. Students create an inventory of their work and write an artist statement. They add a title to each photo and describe the medium used. Ms. Slattery is also using her new computer to archive student work so she can show all of her art classes sample projects without having to store piles of artwork. 

In these photos, Ms. Slattery is working with senior Faith Lyons on her portfolio.