9th graders will view "End of the Line" by Improbable Players on February 12

The Improbable Players will perform "End of the Line," a show about the continuum of addiction, including vaping, for the entire freshmen class on Tuesday, February 12, during G2. One of the most powerful aspects of the show is the Q&A at the end. Every performer is in recovery; each one speaks about his/her narrative and answers questions honestly and directly. As always, the students will be reminded that their counselors and other counselors will be available. 

Students will take first lunch and then go their respective classes. At that time, every class and teacher will head to the auditorium and sit according to a seating chart. This session was organized by Michelle Stauss, freshman class dean, and Alison Malkin, NNHS prevention/intervention social worker. Ms. Stauss and Ms. Malkin previewed the performance in October. States Ms. Stauss, "We have a strong motivation to do some preventative work as fast as possible to make sure our students know that vaping is harmful and addictive. The earlier we get messages out to our young people, the better." 

Here is some information about the Improbable Players from their website. "The Improbable Players uses theater performances and workshops to address addiction, alcoholism, and the opioid epidemic. Our performances are 25-45 minutes long followed by a talkback/Q&A. Our workshops give students the space and tools to combat social pressures and find coping strategies that work for them. Our plays are based on true stories and performed by people in recovery." Read more at www.improbableplayers.org.

Questions? Please contact Michelle Stauss (michelle_stauss@newton.k12.ma.us) or Alison Malkin (alison_malkin@newton.k12.ma.us).