Vice Principal Amy Winston shares message about evacuations due to vaping

January 24, 2018
, from Vice Principal Amy Winston
Today, at approximately 11:30 a.m., the fire alarm sounded and we evacuated the building. Students and staff did an excellent job of evacuating quickly and safely despite the rain and the lunchtime interruption.
After investigating, we determined that the alarm, in a boys' bathroom, was triggered by a student vaping in the bathroom. This is at least the fourth time this year that we have evacuated as a result of vaping in the bathroom. I know that the PTSO and many other organizations have shared information with you about the negative health effects of vaping. It is important that our community is also aware of the negative impact of these evacuations on our school community. Not only is educational time lost, but also many students experience increased anxiety during these evacuation events. Sometimes our preschool students are awakened from their naps, and other times students' projects, labs, and presentations are interrupted in ways that cannot be resolved.
Please take a few moments this evening to speak with your student about the many, many negative impacts of vaping.