Newton School Committee shares update from January 28 meeting

New Business

  • We reviewed and discussed the Enrollment Planning and Class Size Report.  Here are some of the key points:
    • Elementary class sizes remained the same and secondary class sizes improved.
    • Middle schools can accommodate projected enrollment growth in near term and then return to current levels.
    • Meeting needs in district-wide programming is a focus.
    • Balancing class size at high schools is critical as enrollments continue to grow.
  • Interim Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education Eva Thompson was joined by principals Kathleen Smith (Underwood) Tom Morris (Memorial Spaulding) and Beth Herlihy (Countryside) to present an Elementary Principals' Update. The focus of the presentation was the development of Principal Learning Teams or "PLTs."  The principals reviewed the work that is being done at their schools.  
  • School Committee member Diana Fisher Gomberg presented highlights of the EDCO Annual Report. One item discussed was EDCO's desire to expand programs, including the exciting possibility of expanding the Deaf and Hard of Hearing program into elementary schools.

Old Business

  • We reviewed the School Committee Calendar and made small additions and adjustments.
  • We reviewed the edits of the two Policy Revisions from the last SC meeting. SC voted unanimously to accept the edits and final revisions.

Consent Agenda

  • School Committee voted unanimously to approve the 12/10/18 and 1/14/19 minutes
  • School Committee voted unanimously to approve the 11/28/19 Special Meeting (Caucus) minutes

Next Meeting

February 11 at 7:00 p.m.: Technology Update, System Wide Goals, Mid-Year Superintendent Assessment, Short Term space needs, Fiscal and Operational Facilities update.

Next Virtual Office Hours

Our next Virtual Office Hours will be held on February 10 at 8PM.  Join us through the Newton Public Schools' Facebook page!

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