Newton Public Schools offers tips for students planning summer employment

There is no better time than February to start your summer job search! Businesses and camps will start filling summer positions shortly to ensure they have all their summer staffing needs filled. 

Things to consider as you start your search: 

  • Transportation/How will you get to work? 
    • Public transit 
    • Personal 
      • Walk or bike 
      • Drive yourself
      • Rely on family or friend 
  • Your availability 
    • Does your summer schedule allow for work?
      • Can you make a serious commitment?
  • Your work preferences 
    •  Indoors/outdoors
    • Quiet space/loud space
  • Update/Gather your paper work
    • Resume 
    • Personal documents you may need such as ID, Birth Certificate, Passport & Social Security Card
    • References – three people who can speak to your work ethic
      • Teacher, coach, club facilitator
      • Past employer (s)
    • Ask three people in your network if they are willing to be a reference (can’t be family) 

Where to look for work

  • Past positions – email or call to let them know you are interested in summer employment again 
  • Network – family, friends, acquaintances   
  • Help Wanted” or Hiring” signs hung in windows of local businesses 
  • Internet search 

Find more information under the "Current Work Opportunities" tab of the Newton Public Schools Transition website.