Culinary Arts students feast on friendly competition with Battle of the Majors

Culinary Arts students completed their annual competitive cook-off on January 31 with a new twist--their creative cuisine was tasted and assessed by a panel of judges. D Block Major 1 students competed independently; all of the other blocks were mixed among Major 1, 2, and 3 (sophomores, juniors, and seniors). The students spent two weeks choosing recipes and planning their menus. On competition day, culinary Major 1 students were given one hour to prepare a single dish; Major 2 and Major 3 students had two hours to prepare three dishes.

Judges for the competition were Albert Cho, Kathleen Duff, Scott Heslin, Alison Malkin, Eileen Perruzzi, Cheryl Stover, and Henry Turner. The judges evaluated the entries on the basis of presentation and taste, assessed the menu that each team developed, and rated the teams' professionalism. The friendly and educational competition was run by Culinary Arts teachers Alexis Lugbauer and Lisa McKinney.

See a slideshow from the Battle of the Majors below.