Design & Visual Communications Program raising funds for 3D art installation on Main Street

Since early 2017, the Design & Visual Communications Program has been working on a project to create a visual representation of Newton North High School’s mission statement and core values. The students have worked through many phases of interpretation, focus groups, planning, market research, and design. The students have done extensive research on public art, art installations, design principles, and typography. They have also made hundreds of thumbnail sketches, inspiration boards, and taglines to be used as inspiration for the first official sketches for the project. After much work, the Design team has decided on an 11’ x 8’ 3D art installation. 

The installation will have three tigers centered in the foreground, with each tiger representing the diverse personalities and traits within the school community. These tigers will be 3D printed and resurfaced with distinct cultural patterns from all over the world to represent the unity and diversity within the school. Behind the tigers is a 3D printed tree, which symbolizes the students’ growth. The leaves of the tree will be comprised of photographs of past and present students. Finally, the background consists of hills with an assortment of written words that represent the mission statement and the student body’s core values.

Since the project will be located on Main Street, the most active section of the school, the Design students decided to use the public art installation as an opportunity to represent North as a community, using a family of tigers. The project will promote the students’ core values and become a centerpiece of the school while also encompassing the innovative, diverse, and accepting school community we have at North.

Students are raising money from area businesses to make this project a reality. They have also received support from the PTSO and from several families. Buttons and posters may be sold to support this project. Watch this space for details!

See photos on the Newton North PTSO Facebook page.