Partners in Kind Club presents fifth annual Kindness Day celebration on March 22

The Partners in Kind Club has been hard at work planning its fifth annual Kindness Day event, which will take place on March 22.

Several activities will take place on Main Street. Therapy dogs will visit during all lunches. A kindness scavenger hunt will run all day, with treats donated by staff members awarded for successful completion of the hunt. Clubs/volunteer organizations will host tables during all three lunches for students to learn more about ways to spread kindness and get involved in their larger community.  Several of the presenters will also be available to speak with students informally during lunch. Students and staff interested in mindfulness practices/activities may stop by during any block to color, meditate, journal, breathe, practice yoga and connect with one another. (International Café)

Tara Cousineau, author of The Kindness Cure: How the Science of Compassion Can Heal Your Heart and Your World, will be giving out copies of her book on Main Street during lunch blocks. Parents/guardians are invited to stop by, chat with her, and pick up a copy (first come, first served). 

Here is the presentation schedule.

A block: Fadayz: (ACT I) BE KIND, BE CRE8TIVE, BE YOU! (Auditorium) 

From early on, Fadayz had dreams of helping others realize their full potential through self-expression. His drive began in the foster care system of Connecticut as a child in need of a positive outlet and continued on into adulthood as a man with a passion to help others look past their circumstances to achieve their goals. Through music, dance and motivational speaking, Fadayz is able to reach both children and adults like no one else. As a self-taught street dancer, Fadayz brings his own unique form of self-expression that inspires others to be who they really are. He is in the process of rebuilding his center, a non-profit, called The Self Expression Project.  The center is a place where people of all ages and backgrounds will come together to form a community dedicated to overcoming fears, doubts and divisions as they embrace the inner beauty found in every individual.  Dance, music and other artistic forms of expression will be used to promote mental and physical wellness.  This wellness is achieved by building self-esteem, which comes through recognizing our self worth as precious individuals who have something unique to share with our communities.  

Fadayz’s themes will include, but are not limited to, self expression, self confidence, self worth, conditioning by media and society, resilience, communication, connections, self motivation and building your tribe.  His mission is to remind everyone that YOU ARE THE ADVENTURE YOU SEEK!

A block: Gabriel Baldwin: Starting the Day With Mindfulness (Little Theater)

Gabriel began learning mindfulness as a fifteen-year old at a mindfulness retreat for teenagers at the Insight Meditation Society. As a depressed and bullied teen, learning mindfulness was invaluable to overcoming these challenges. As a staff person on these retreats since 2008 he has now participated in over 25 with Inward Bound Mindfulness Education and Insight Meditation Society.  After transitioning out of a successful career as an engineer and consultant in the field of energy efficiency and green construction during his 20s he now teaches mindfulness in public schools and after school programs and camps in Greater Boston and beyond.

Gabriel is a graduate of the Hakomi Institute’s Comprehensive Training in Mindfulness Centered Somatic Psychotherapy and has trained with Inward Bound Mindfulness Education, Mindful Schools, Mindfulness in Schools Project, Calmer Choice, and the Center for Adolescent Studies. He attends regular silent retreats and weekly sits at local meditation centers. He can also be seen in parks around Boston doing Primal Practice, a playful embodied movement practice that draws from multiple yoga, martial, meditation, and movement disciplines.

B block: Every Act Of Kindness Grows The Spirit and Strengthens The Soul (Auditorium)

The Dalai Lama has said: "My religion is very simple.  My religion is kindness."  Senior Pastor, Stacy Swain, from The United Church in Waban (a village of Newton), will be joining us to share how the power of kindness can be a guiding force in building a strong and inter-connected world.  Stacy comes to ordained ministry after more than twenty years experience in the field of public health with poor and disadvantaged populations.  Stacy was born and spent most of her youth in Minnesota. She received a B.A in English literature from Carleton College in Northfield MN, a Master of Public Health with concentration in Epidemiology from the School of Public Health at Boston University and a Master’s of Divinity from Andover Newton Theological School.  Stacy and her husband Mark have two adult children and two dogs and live in Roslindale, Massachusetts.  In the fall of 2016, she and Mark walked El Camino de Santiago de Compostela, an 800 kilometer pilgrimage across northern Spain.  After her talk, Stacy will hold a Q&A with the audience.  Come be inspired to spread more kindness in your corner of the world! 

B and C block: Tara Cousineau, author of The Kindness Cure: How the Science of Compassion Can Heal Your Heart & World (Little Theater)

In her book, The Kindness Cure, psychologist Tara Cousineau draws on cutting-edge research in psychology and neuroscience to teach the reader simple practices of kindness—for ourselves, for our friends and family, for our society, and for our world—that can dissolve our feelings of fear and our habits of indifference, and open us to a life of profound happiness.

In her decades of experience as a clinical psychologist and researcher, Tara has focused her efforts on creating and implementing counseling and coaching programs that are focused in the modalities of positive psychology, mind-body medicine, mindfulness, stress management, girl’s and women’s health, and specific skills to foster self-compassion, courage, confidence, and leadership.  And in her experience, do you know what prevailing message bubbles to the surface time and time again? BEING KIND DOES MATTER.  But it isn’t so simple.  The truth is: It does take effort to be kind and compassionate; to nurture our better selves. What we sometimes fail to realize is that being kind carries a pay off for the individual practicing it. It elevates us. It inspires us. It nourishes us. Kindness is a happiness fix, by not only triggering the reward center in our brains but by expanding our hearts. It is a mutually beneficial act.  Tara is a dedicated kindness warrior offering the “why” and “how” of growing a kinder mind and more open heart through the power of practicing intentional loving kindness to others. Armed with respected research and a couple decades of professional experience, she makes a powerful case for extraordinary living through the practice of love and empathy, and as an agent of change, she teaches the simple steps for change-making kindness.

People rate kindness as one of the most important qualities in a partner, a boss, friends, and in raising kids. Are you as kind as you think you are?  Take Tara's free quiz to discover your KINDNESS QUOTIENT!


Choosing a perspective from which to approach something does not make any of the other perspectives untrue—just as approaching a mountain from a different side does not negate the truth of what the mountain looks like from a different angle. But if you are planning to climb that mountain (or deal effectively with the situation you are facing), choosing to approach it from an angle that makes the ascent easiest will radically change your experience of that mountain (or that situation).  We are always choosing our perspectives to everything we face in life, but we seldom take the time to choose those perspectives consciously. If you’re feeling stuck in a situation, it may be that your default perspective isn’t serving you as well as another one might. Often our default is to get stuck in stories about blame. We either choose the perspective that someone else is to blame, which makes us a victim, or we choose the perspective that we are to blame, which makes us a bad person. It's hard to see any other choice possible because there is always some truth in the story we  choose to tell ourselves, and to choose a different story feels like denying the truth we see in it. Yet neither perspective serves us very well in dealing with life effectively.

Exact participants are still being worked out but we will have a panel of individuals that will speak about how they have faced challenges in their lives and chosen a perspective that has greatly improved their situation!

E block: Fadayz: (ACT II) BE KIND, BE CREATIVE, BE YOU! (2nd and 3rd lunch) (Main Street)

Please come take part in a "block party" with DJ Fadayz where he will play a variety of music and be available to chat informally with students/staff.  In Fadayz' own words: "I have no time to play the part. I'm only interested in playing the music, the music that gets everyone on the dance floor. The kind of music that makes you dance like no one is looking." His mission is to remind everyone that YOU ARE THE ADVENTURE YOU SEEK! Step outside your comfort zone today! Music and dance gets your blood flowing and can help promote wellness, manage stress, alleviate pain, express feelings,enhance memory and improve communication.  It is good for your mind, body and soul!

E Block: Student/Staff Drop-in Mindfulness Explorations with Gabriel (all lunches) (International Cafe)

G block: WBUR's KindWorld Producers (Auditorium)

Kind World is a show about compassion. Through stories big and small, we explore the effect one act can have on a life, to better understand each other and ourselves. Kind World tells intimate stories about people whose lives have been changed by someone else. You can hear Kind World on WBUR’s Morning Edition, online, and on Kind World’s podcast.  The show is produced by Andrea Asuaje  and Yasmin Amer.  Andrea and Yasmin will share how and why they got into journalism. We will view a few video segments and then they will hold a Q&A session with the audience.

G block: Can a Nice Doctor Make Treatments More Effective? (Little Theater)

Dr. David Fogelman: Pediatric Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Specialist at Children's Hospital will be joined by staff member, Tracey Stewart (mom to one of his patients).  Dr. Fogelman has been life changing for my son and I asked him to come speak for a variety of reasons.  Aside from his kindness and amazing skills as a doctor, he chose to switch careers and follow his heart to a career path that helped him find his true purpose and bring more meaning and happiness to his life.  I think many of our kids need to hear this message!  

David Fogelman, MD began his professional career in engineering school and learned a lot about how to look at the world in terms of cause and effect. He worked in R&D for a Fortune 500 technology company for a few years after college before leaving the field for medical school. Having an engineer’s mind and a doctor’s training really helps him efficiently find what he can do best for his patients and colleagues.  His philosophy of care is as follows: “Most people, no matter how many physicians they need to see, spend an overwhelming majority of their time working, playing, and living their lives outside of the doctor’s office. As a practitioner of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, I am responsible for helping my patients define their relationships with their lives outside of the time they spend in my direct care.  It is an honor, a privilege, and above all a great adventure to work with children and adolescents with special needs. Underlying all that I do is the fundamental belief that all kids of any age and any level of ability deserve the opportunity to laugh, play, and cause some trouble. I know I can help with that.” 

This article (  describes several recent studies that illustrate why kindness at work isn't an extra, but an essential ingredient to be effective in anything you do that involves people.  In one research study, just one encouraging sentence from a doctor helped patients feel less pain and discomfort.  When a treatment was prescribed by a compassionate and competent doctor -- vs. just a competent doctor who was cold and appeared uncaring -- it was significantly more effective. Kindness at work is an essential skill you have to intentionally practice. And the awesome benefit is that kindness is contagious -- the more you practice, the more likely it is that people you work with will do the same, weaving kindness into the fabric of your organization's culture.

F block: Fadayz: (ACT III) BE KIND, BE CREATIVE, BE YOU! (Auditorium)

F block: Gabriel Baldwin: Ending the Day With Mindfulness (Little Theater)