Vice Principal Amy Winston shares updates about pick up/drop off, registration, and schedules


  • Drop Off/Pick Up: The parking lots at North are not loading zones. Please do not pull into a parking lot to drop off or pick up your student, particularly during the 7am to 8am and 2pm to 4pm busy times. We have had a number of “near misses” this year for both students and staff. Please help keep everyone safe.
  • Course Requests: Parents and students can see all course requests in Aspen (including any changes that have been made by counselors.) Viewing directions attached. Be sure to “exit entry mode” if you aren’t able to see the complete list of requested courses. Questions about what you see can be directed to your student’s counselor. (Student and Parent directions are slightly different)
  • Verification Day: Verification Day (Wednesday 3/20) is the LAST opportunity for students to change their mind about any of their course selections. We allocate staffing to courses, and departments, based on course requests recorded on 3/20.


  • Attachment: See attached schedules for the next two weeks.
  • Library Closed: The library will be closed on Wednesday 3/20 (verification day) and Thursday 3/21 (professional development for English, Library and History teachers.)
  • Bus and Lunch Schedules:
    • Thursday, 3/21 - Early Dismissal. Buses will depart at 11:10am.
    • Tuesday 3/26 and 3//27 - ELA MCAS:
      • Buses will run twice each morning. 
        • Once at the normal time for testing students. 
        • Once for non-testing students for a noon arrival. (Bus routes will begin at 11:30am each morning.) 
      • Lunch will be offered twice each day:
        • Noon to 12:25 for Non-Testing Students (class starts at 12:30)
        • 12:25-12:55 for Testing Students (class starts at 1pm)