9th grade treats teachers and staff to TGIF breakfast

"Thanks so much for being here so early with a smile and deliciious breakfast!"

- Alison Malkin, prevention/intervention social worker

Class liaisons Joana Canedo, Carolyn Craven, and Ross Ozer led a passel of 9th grade parent/guardian volunteers in hosting a delicious breakfast for teachers and staff on Friday, April 5. Colorful tulips brought spring color to the International Cafe, which was packed with grateful breakfast eaters.

Thank you to Joana, Carolyn, and Ross and to all of the volunteers, as follows: Jen Abbott, Livia Aber, Tiffany Angel, Dima Basha, Joel Bloom, Marci Borenstein, Sally Brickell, Robynne Brown, Bonnie Carey, Alexandra Chakalis, Denise Cremin, Yasmin Dalton, Susan DeSelms, Claudia Doherty, Kathy Drake, Magda Duchnowska, Adriana Dukakis, Marie jo Dumoulin, Christine Fahey, Gershona Fein, Giovanna Forte, Linda Hanusaik, Brian Hodgson, Maria Howell, Carol Hutter, Jennifer Hyde, Barbara Katz, Ailbhe Kerrigan, Isabel Kodgis, Bridget Lannery, Tiffany LeBrun, Fan Li, Cecilia Mastrobuono, Lynn Melville, Michelle Ottaviano, Ross Ozer, Dvora Pemstein, Heather Pozen, Pia Rogines Velo, Andrea Shea, Naline Stewart, Wendy Tang, Connie Tong, Karen Tubridy, Emilie Tucker, Maureen Vahey, Marianne Votta, Meridith Welch, Claudia Wolf, Laura Woodward, and Haiyan Zhang.

See photos on the NNHS PTSO Facebook page.