Body Confidence Day returns on May 1

Body Confidence Day, an annual day of programming overseen by Physical Education, Health, and Wellness teacher Courtney Albert, will be held on May 1, 2019. Students are invited to attend Body Confidence Day sessions with their teachers. The goal of this annual event is to start a conversation on the under-discussed, yet prevalent, subject of how we view ourselves. The day encourages students and staff to talk about body image and develop a healthier view of themselves and their body. States Ms. Albert, "We hope that by providing education and awareness about body image and the pressures of today’s culture it would help us feel empowered and stronger as a community."

A huge thank you to MEDA (Multi-Service Eating Disorders Association) and its founder, Becky Manley, for helping Newton North run and organize this special day!  

In addition to a full schedule of workshops, the day will feature an awareness table outside the cafeteria during lunch block so students know where to get help for themselves or a friend if needed. Ms. Manley will be at Newton North all day in each workshop and between classes to answer questions. School counselors will also be available.


A Block- Schuyler Bailar: From national record breaker to the first transgender NCAA D1 men’s competitor, Schuyler discusses his experiences and the universal tensions of trying to "fit-in" in our media-saturated, caricature-driven world while trying to find one's authentic self. He will also touch on the role disordered eating, self-harm; depression and therapy have played in his journey. Having lived on the margin (woman, Korean American, Gay, Trans) and now often perceived as a privileged elite. ("Harvard white guy") his inspiring story is peppered with unique and insightful perspectives.

B Block- How to Build Body Confidence: This workshop will delve into what it means to be “body confident” as well as the factors that influence how we feel about ourselves. Concrete tips for improving body confidence will be given.

D Block- Plus Size People in Movies: This presentation covers the commonly faulted and stereotypical representation of plus size people within the movie and tv industries.

E Block- The Male and Non-Binary Experience: This workshop is a panel that delves into the body image of men and non-binary people. The panel will include students and faculty opening up about body image and self-perception.

F Block- Body Image and Sports: This presentation will discuss the potentially harmful effects sports have on body image and tips for challenging their negative influence. 

G Block- Clothing Industry and Sizing: This workshop will explore the clothing industry and the way it affects our self-perception.

Cards will be handed out before presentations and collected towards the end so students may ask questions anonymously. MEDA clinicians will be available throughout the course of the day for additional questions.