Families share rich heritage at Multicultural Night on April 30

Families gathered to feast and learn at the PTSO's second annual Multicultural Night, held in the NNHS cafeteria on April 30, 2019. Participants had the opportunity to share traditions and try new crafts; browse beautifully prepared displays featuring clothing, books, photos, posters, and more; and taste delicious foods from around the world. The event even reunited two fellow high school alumnae after 30+ years!

Thank you to co-chairs Monika Jain and Pria Sarma for planning this special event. Thanks also to costume teacher Ruth Talvacchia, art teacher Eileen Gagarin, and custodians Diane Gill, Bob Falanga, and Mario. Finally, thank you to the creative and hard-working table hosts, as follows: China: Haoyuan Liu and Anping Shen, Colombia: Danna Garcia, Dominican Republic: Johana Pepin, Greece: Andrea Katsenes, Guatemala: Joanne Simpson, India: Divya Gadodia, Ireland: Julie Pinto, Israel: Yael Michaely, Japan: Junko Shibuya, Peru: Iris Coloma-Gaines, Russia: Brianna Spiegel, South Korea: Helena Han, Spain: Yasmin Dalton, Syria: Dima Basha, USA: Leah Arteaga, and Venezuela: Ana Kales.

Attendees included Principal Henry Turner and Superintendent David Fleishman. "It was a wonderful evening and you have started a meaningful tradition," wrote Dr. Fleishman the next morning. "Henry and I told the other principals about the terrific event the next morning and noted that we were still full from the night before. Thanks for your terrific work!" Stated Principal Turner, "Multicultural Night was a fantastic event. I think this is one of our best new traditions!"

See photos on the Newton North PTSO Facebook page. 

Looking for more ways to meet other parents/guardians and raise awareness of multiculturalism in our community? Come to the GELF fundraising dinner on Saturday, May 4, at Newton North. The GELF fund provides travel scholarships to students who need financial support in order to participate in the international travel opportunities offered through the school.

Read more about GELF and buy tickets here.