Retirees treated to tea, accolades, courtesy of NNHS and Teacher Appreciation team

The Teacher Appreciation committee, skillfully led by Jordana Alford, Sheryl Kalis, Stacy Schwartz, and Maria Sullivan, delighted teachers and staff with a beautiful tea on Tuesday, May 28, 2019, in the Library Learning Commons. The retirees being honored were Nancy Batt, John Callahan, Kirsten Tuohy McCarthy, Ellen Novinsky, Dan Sweeney, and Suzanne Putzeys. Guests enjoyed fruit, sushi, tea sandwiches, cookies, and more. 

Thank you to the many volunteers who made this special event possible by supplying refreshments and donations. They are as follows: 

Shelli Adam, Miriam Alandydy, Bonnie Carey, Maria Chandool Ralph, Denise Chicoine, Lisa Conti, Jeff Dagostino, Kim Daley, Dawn Davis, Grazia DeRocco, Cathy DeVoe, Laurie Gershkowitz, Karen Gobler, Trudy Good, Liz Grinspoon (Lehrer), Liz Haas-Joffe, Lerzan Kizilay, Lori Knowles, Maria Leo, Marla Libraty, Maria Loo-Yee, Joyce MacDonald, Becky Manley, Donna Manley, Rosa Marzen, Alison Montague, Brenda Negrotti, Yi Nong Nong, Kathleen O'Neill, Kelly L Phillips, Melissa Potter, Vicki Ritterband, Monica Sanchez, Pria Sarma, Vani Sayeed, Junko Shibuya, Debbie Slater, Ellen Sumner, Lexi Turner, and Wei Wu. Please pardon any omissions. 

See photos on the Newton North PTSO Facebook page.