Planning for arts and culture in Newton--please take a brief survey

Take a brief survey and help Newton create an arts and cultural plan. 
The City of Newton is undertaking a 7-month planning process to create a comprehensive arts and cultural plan for the city. The plan, entitled Create Newtonwill identify all of Newton's arts and cultural assets, including buildings and non-profits, events and festivals, and local traditions and initiatives in villages and neighborhoods. The group will explore how arts and cultural goals and interests are aligned with local businesses, recreational opportunities, and commercial districts, and wlll identify goals, make recommendations, and seek opportunities to collaborate and expand funding.
Input from parents/guardians, and children 12 years and older, who enjoy Newton’s arts and cultural events is greatly valued. Please take 10 minutes to complete this anonymous survey to assist in the planning process. 
NOTE: The survey is best taken on a computer, not on a smart phone or smaller device. Deadline: End of August.
Thank you for your participation,
Newton’s Community Design for Arts & Culture Committee