Teachers honored with Elicker Award and Keegan Award

Thank you to everyone who submitted a nomination form for the annual Elicker and Keegan teacher awards. Congratulations to the 2019 winners!

  • Paul E. Elicker Award—Nick Grant
  • Brenda Keegan Award—Peter Hamel

Here are descriptions of each award.

  • By agreement with Mr. Elicker, excellence is broadly defined as:
    • A deep appreciation and knowledge of a subject matter
    • Teaching that stretches the mind of students
    • Standards for performance that inspire excellence
  • Each year “The Keegan Award for Excellence in Teaching” recognizes one educator from each high school who inspires students to think—both critically and creatively—and to consider the significance of their studies to their own lives. Beyond these educators’ extensive knowledge of their academic disciplines and warm personal engagement with students, Brenda Keegan hoped that this award would particularly honor teachers whom students say, this teacher “really taught us how to think.”