Proposed changes to NNHS PTSO bylaws will be presented Oct. 22

The NNHS PTSO board recently voted unanimously to recommend amendments to the PTSO bylaws. The changes will be reviewed at the PTSO board meeting on Oct. 22, 2019, from 4:00-5:15 p.m. and presented to the general membership for approval. 

Why is the board recommending these changes?

  • To better create a path for succession among PTSO officers, especially co-presidents and the vice president, to ensure knowledge transfer and sustain the organization through periods of leadership transition
  • To further clarify roles and responsibilities among the PTSO officers and board members
  • To maintain broad participation of our parent community in PTSO and related programs and activities.

How were these changes developed?

An ad hoc committee (co-presidents, vice president of fundraising, co-secretaries) met a few times in November and December and developed proposed changes to bring to the board for approval. The PTSO board discussed and unanimously recommended these changes.

What are the proposed changes?

Officers and terms

Two co-presidents each for a single 2-year term, staggered. The staggered terms and requirement of two co-Presidents ensures continuity of leadership, while the limit to one 2-year term provides on-going succession.

One vice president (functional area of responsibility: fundraising) for a 1-year term up to 3 terms. There are no longer multiple co-vice presidents, and the intent (although not required) is that the vice president would succeed one of the co-presidents.

Treasurer – (can be 2 co-treasurers) for a 1-year term up to 3 terms. This is the same as currently in the by-laws. Given the importance of this position, if a new and appropriately qualified treasurer cannot be found, the term limit can be waived.

Secretary – (can be 2 co-secretaries) for a 1-year term up to 3 terms. This is the same as currently in the bylaws.

Principal – Ex-officio officer and board member. This is the same as currently in the bylaws.

Other board members and terms

There are four additional board member positions, each of which can be a shared (co-) position and each of which is responsible for a functional area of PTSO operations. These areas are currently communications, technology, programming, and volunteer/community engagement. All have 1-year terms up to 3 terms. (Grants and Projects, which had been a board position, becomes a committee chair position.)

Currently these board members are titled co-vice presidents. Although their title changes, they maintain their responsibility for important areas of PTSO operations, including coordination with committees and chairs, and are full representatives on the PTSO board.

See the amended bylaws, below.

See a visual representation of the PTSO Board and operational chart here.