PTSO facilitates guidelines for student class officers

PTSO volunteers Sally Brickell and Michelle Markert reached a milestone in their multi-year effort to document PTSO and related processes when they handed off guidelines for class officers to Newton North in December. The guidelines include information about getting started as a class officer, newly approved expectations for officers in each grade, and instructions for handling money. Student class officers will use the guidelines to arrange events and fundraisers, collaborate on Spirit Week, and plan the junior semi-formal and senior prom in conjunction with their class advisors and deans.

"Having written guidelines will help our student officers develop their leadership skills and gain confidence in their own abilities at Newton North," stated Principal Henry Turner. "When class officers are more effective, the students they lead will be more engaged."

Sally and Michelle worked on this project with Amanda Mazzola (Career and Technical Education), Suzanne Spirito (bursar), Maya Mathews (class of 2019 president), Anabel Marre (class of 2020 president), Sandy Connors and Faith Witte (PTSO volunteers), and Michelle Stauss (Riley House dean).

As part of their work supporting NNHS student leaders, Sally and Michelle also studied the student election process and collaborated with NNHS to develop clear expectations for student officers and revamp the existing election materials. Students considering running for office now know what they will be working to accomplish with their class advisors and deans. The recommended expectations are as follows:

9th and 10th grade

  • Plan at least one event and one fundraiser per year. Raise at least $1500 per year. 
  • Participate in Spirit Week planning and events.
  • Attend all class events.

11th grade

  • Plan at least two events (including semi-formal) and two fundraisers per year. Raise at least $4000 per year.
  • Participate in Spirit Week planning and events.
  • Plan Junior semi-formal.
  • Attend all class events.

12th grade

  • Plan at least two events (including prom) and two fundraisers per year. Raise at least $4000 per year.
  • Start-of-School Senior Year T-shirt.
  • Participate in Spirit Week planning and events.
  • 6th man T-shirt.
  • Plan Senior prom.
  • Plan Senior class gift and tribute. 
  • Attend all class events.

Sally and Michelle launched the documentation project in 2016 by working with Celebration volunteers to create checklists for all team leader roles. Since that time, they have worked with numerous NNHS PTSO committee chairs and board members to develop checklists for many PTSO events and areas of responsibility, including the PTSO directory, class liaisons, Educational Excellence, grants and projects, the Just Think Expo, Multicultural Night, Northside Dining Adventure, and teacher appreciation. The checklists have been used by dozens of volunteers to clarify expectations and save time and energy. Thank you to all who have helped with this effort!